Evidence of this fact is the presence of several well-preserved, old and historical buildings amidst modern ones.

London is everything that Europe is about, culture, architecture, and history. And beyond the shopping and parks, sites, pubs, and even all the cheaper food joints and fancy restaurants, historical buffs have so many places to see and do in London.

When it comes to historical sites, there’s a wide and varied range of subjects to cover in London, from areas like Belgravia, St. James’ Street, Piccadilly Circus, to name a few. There’s geography, biology, war, and even the royal family. Whatever it is about London’s history you want to learn, you can find something to do and see in the city.

There are so many historical places to visit in London that it can be challenging to fit them all in your itinerary. However, here are a few examples to get you started with planning your upcoming London holiday.


1. Tower Of London

The Tower of London, also known as the royal fortress, was founded by William the Conqueror in 1070.

Before becoming the historical tourist attraction it is today, the Tower of London was used as a public records office, royal palace, menagerie, political prison, royal mint, and a place of execution.

Aside from exploring this mighty stone fortress, when you spend half a day at the Tower of London, you get to immerse yourself in the following activities too:

  • See the crown jewels, with an astounding number of 23,578 gemstones on display
  • Meet the famous ravens who are also regarded as the guardians of the tower
  • Explore the historic armor of Henry VIII, James II, and Charles I at the Line of Kings
  • Learn lessons about why the prisoners at the Tower of London ended up there, right in the very same rooms where they were kept


2. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Perhaps one of the most famous and photographed palaces in the whole of Europe is Buckingham Palace. It's the official London residence of Her Majesty the Queen and the royal family.

To convince you to book that admission ticket to Buckingham Palace, here are some reasons why:

  • It can give you a glimpse into how the Queen and the other royals live.
  • It has a strategic location. It’s close to other London sites like Trafalgar Square and Westminster Abbey.
  • It can give you a look at the famous London Queen’s guards, especially if you happen to visit during the hour of the Changing Of The Guard.


3. Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is one of London’s most important historical and architectural stops. It has a long-standing history of being the abbey where many kings and queens in England are crowned and buried.

More so, its most popular claim for fame in modern-day history is, of course, being the church where Prince William and Duchess Catherine married.

Westminster Abbey features gothic architecture, given how it was built during the 13th century.

You can opt for a tour of the Abbey, although it’d be good to note that during religious occasions such as Easter and Christmas, the Abbey may not be open for public tours but welcomes those who wish to attend services.


4. Museum Of London

London Tate Modern Couple

Fourth on this list is a historical site you can visit for free, especially for travelers on a budget. But, being that this museum heavily relies on donations for its upkeep, at least be quite generous with your donation. 

The Museum of London houses an astounding 7 million objects in its exhibit. It holds wide coverage, from London’s pre-historic period up to its modern days. 

To name a few, it includes: 

  • Prehistoric archeology gallery highlighting hippos living in Central London over 125,000 years ago
  • The copper cauldron sculpture used during the 2012 London Olympics
  • Anglo-Saxons and Vikings feature show


5. Tower Bridge

Couple infront of Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is one of London’s most historical landmarks. But did you know that it’s a movable bridge? It showcases the perfect marriage of the architecture of the past and modern-day technology.

You may have seen Tower Bridge everywhere – from photos to films. And if you’re a local, you may have even crossed it many times. It’s certainly one of London’s most iconic attractions.

If you are looking for something romantic to do in London you might want to consider a Thames River Cruise where you will pass under Tower Bridge and get great views of the Tower of London.


Plan a Trip to Experience Historical London

London may seem like the modern metropolitan it is today, but don’t forget its long-standing history.

With that, it’s no surprise how and why there’s so much to immerse yourself in, history-wise, in London. For history lovers themselves, that fact should be one more reason enough to consider making that trip to London. 

Whether you have 2 days in London, or longer, you can see so many of the places featured on our list as part of a short break.  

Along with the sites above, don’t forget to search more and add any more you come across, which you may fancy visiting.