Whether the snows in metres or none existent you can still find some amazing and must do things in London, New York and Paris.

The three most seasonal cities in the world; ice-skating, shopping, eating parting and sightseeing - you can do it all and you can even do it together! And of course better than anywhere else!


1. London

London Regent Street Christmas lights

London really knows how to do Christmas, especially the skating- where to place them and what to name them! Christmas isn’t complete until you’ve made a fool of yourself in front of all the tourists and locals as they are left thinking how completely uncoordinated you are. In London you can relive that experience time after time starting with the...

Open throughout late November to early January the Eyeskate is one of the capitals must do events. Skating under the London eye offers some amazing views for both the skaters and those on the Eye. It may not be the biggest rink but it sure is one of the best!


‘The Canary Wharf Ice Rink’ offers a Déjà vu moment to being in New York! If you’re unable to make it to the Big Apple for the holidays and skate at the Rockefellers then Canary Wharf is certainly the place to go for the experience. Flanked by the soaring towers of Canada Square Park, the rink is filled with those who aim to experience the city life of London, even though it can be a tranquil spot the views are as loud as London can get!


2. New York City

‘It’s not Christmas in New York, if you’re afraid of the ice.’ New York City is one of the most visited cities during the holidays and boy do they know how to make it special! Ice-skating is one of New York’s best Christmas activities, surrounded by the skyscrapers and if you’re lucky the snow.

‘The Rink at the Rockefeller’ is one of New York’s most celebrated traditions and has been a quintessential NYC experience for generations. In front of the Rockefeller Centre and its urban backdrop along with the famous Rockefeller Christmas tree the rink has some of the most outstanding Christmas views for all the holiday lovers, including a skating Santa who joins the ice occasionally! At home to New Yorkers and city visitors the Rockefeller rink is beautiful New York City experience.

‘The Central Park Wollman’s Ice Rink’ is a must for all New York City tourists; there’s nothing more serene than gliding across the ice with the magical city skyline in the background. Located very close to the Central Park Zoo this ice rink lets you skate beneath the scenery and among the trees, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of skating in Central Park. Being a popular destination for many films such as ‘Love Story’ and ‘Serendipity’ the rink attracts so many visitors for skating and sightseeing ;  but don’t worry, with a maximum capacity of 2,000 you’re sure to get a skate and don’t be alarmed by the number of people, this rink is far from small! 


3. Paris

During the Christmas season there’s nothing quite like the romantic atmosphere of Paris. The lights, the scenery, the shopping and the snow (on occasion) but most of all the skating which has become a large tradition within Paris during the winter months and with the amount of tourists no wonder Paris knows how to make us melt!

‘The Eiffel Tower Ice Rink’

Yes, you saw right, an ice rink on the 1st floor of the iconic and magical Eiffel Tower! Since opening in 2004 and having great success with over 1,000 skaters visiting daily, Eiffel Tower ice skating has become a major event; to skate under the open skies and stars. It is a breathtaking experience creating those magical memories that you won’t soon forget! Open through December- January it provides a truly unique Parisian experience.

‘The Hôtel De Ville’ ice rink (which means ‘city hall’ in French) is located, yes you guessed it; in front of the City Hall! Being one of the most popular and picturesque ice rinks in all of Paris, for those who prefer a little more culture!

It offers a large 1200 square metres of ice plus a beginner’s rink alongside it (for all those not going pro just yet)! With an added bonus, skating is free and visitors to the rink can also ride on one of the two Antique Merry-go-rounds, but be warned it can get very cold so wrap up warm!

So, where will you be these holidays? And what will you be doing? 

By Laura R Murgatroyd 

‘There is no better time than now. Yet we spend our entire lives waiting for later!’