Marijuana tourism is now a huge growing industry and there are so many countries around the world where Cannabis is now legal, even in Europe.

In the last decade, cannabis has become legalised for medical use, whilst similar products like CBD oil and hemp have grown in popularity.

Although recreational smoking of weed is still criminalised in a lot of countries, some governments have now classed it on a par with alcohol and there are lots of places you can freely smoke it across the continent. 

View our guide to where cannabis is legal in Europe and the top towns and cities to check out on your next break away.


1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

When you think of weed, the number on destination which comes to mind is probably Amsterdam. The capital of the Netherlands has long been associated with tulips, marijuana cafes and the notorious red light district.

Amsterdam has one of the best nightlife's in Europe with so many bars, clubs and social marijuana cafes. Whether you want to try weed seeds, fastbuds or the highly recommended local beers, you have so much choice.

Although marijuana has been legal for lots of years now in the Netherlands, growing it to sell is still now allowed so you will need to us officially licensed locations.

If you do plan a trip to Amsterdam and it will be your first time in the city you are in for a treat. There are so many things to do here, from riding bikes and canal boats, to see spectacular architecture, visiting museums and sampling he tasty local food like waffles and pancakes.


2. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is one of the most popular city break destinations in Europe, and if you've ever been here you will know why this city is now considered the second most popular cannabis city in Europe.

Cannabis isn't legal in Spain, and using it in public is illegal but you can take cannabis in your own home or an approved social club without any issues.

There are now more than 300 cannabis clubs located throughout Barcelona, and you can find these by searching online. A membership is require to enter, but this is easily obtained.

Being a tourist in Barcelona is also a lot of fun, especially during summer. Head to the beach, take in the Gaudi architecture, watch a live football game or just spend time road tripping the coast, Barcelona really is a special city.

View some tips how to stay safe in Barcelona and before departing be sure to sample the local paella and creme catalana.


3. Malta

The beautiful island of Malta is one of the most popular summer tourism destinations in Europe. 

This might surprise you but Malta was the first country in the European Union to legalise cannabis for adult-use in 2021.

Plan a trip to Malta tto enjoy the entertainment, nightlife, sightseeing attractions, beaches and sunny warm weather.


4. Prague, Czech Republic

Do you fancy a cheap European city break? Plan a trip east to the scenic and relaxing Czech capital city of Prague.

Cannabis isn’t officially legal in Prague and although there are no recognised cafes and clubs like in Barcelona or Amsterdam, you can still buy it in some bars over the counter. Also as long as you have just small amounts of weed on you, you won't encounter any problems.

In terms of flights, sightseeing and accommodation, Prague really is one of the best budget destinations in the continent. 


5. Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark is one of the most liberal countries in the world, and one of the most scenic capitals in Scandinavia.

If you do visit Copenhagen there is a neighbourhood you might want to check out -  Freetown Christiania, also known as Christiania, a community and commune in the Christianshavn neighbourhood.

This is a popular hippy style tourist attraction which started in the 1970's and has had thousands of people living here since. Pusher Street is were to go to buy cannabis, which although is illegal in Denmark, in Freetown Christiania, it is overlooked.


6. Berlin, Germany

The German Bundestag became one of the first governments in Europe to pass a law permitting the growing and possession of limited quantities of cannabis.

When in Germany you can possess up to 25 grams (0.88 ounces) of marijuana, as well as grow plants at home for recreational use. Licensed not-for-profit clubs are opening soon in cities like Berlin where you can buy up to 25 grams.


7. Ibiza, Spain

Do you love to party? Then there is no better destination in Europe than Ibiza. Home to some of the biggest and most famous clubs on the planet

Cannabis clubs here are becoming more popular with new establishments opening up all the time. Ibiza really is an incredible islands with some of the best beaches in Europe and also some of the most epic nightlife. 


Start Planning Your European Break

So there we have it, our guide to the best European destinations where weed isn’t a criminal offence. Every country is different, but with so much choice you are sure to find somewhere to match your interests.