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1. Tunnels Beach – Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most gorgeous tropical paradises in the world, and Tunnels Beach is one of its many jewels. It’s located below Ha’Ena point near Makua Reef and is one of the links in the remarkable Hawaiian northern beach chain comprised of Luaha’i, Wainiha, Haena, and Ke’e beaches.

The Tunnels Beach is a perfect spot for snorkeling, surfing, and scuba diving, as well as for romantic late-night walks. It’s surrounded by lush vegetation and beautiful reefs, but more importantly, it’s perfectly safe as it’s also lifeguarded.

As far as bookable activities, you will get the opportunity to enjoy ATV and hiking tours, ride horses, and enjoy Luau dinner shows. Water-based activities are even more eclectic, featuring boat tours, kayaking, snorkeling tours, surfing coaches, whale watching, and many more.

The only catch is that the nearest camp (YMCA Camp Naue) isn’t that close to the beach, although there are numerous cool spots at the foothills of the site.

Sightseers will have plenty of places to visit, starting with Ha’Ena Beach Park, the Maniniholo Dry Cave, Ha’Ena State Park, the famous Kalalau trail, and the wet caves of Walkapala’e.

Overall, Tunnels Beach offers pretty much everything – soft-sanded beaches, dozens of activities on both land and water, various sightseeing spots, and gorgeous landscapes.


2. Bells Beach – Australia

Bells Beach should be on the bucket list of every surfer who’s had an opportunity to sail the great Bass Strait. The waters are wavy and cleaner than you’d expect while both the beach and the surrounding vegetation are mostly untouched by human hands.

The grassy hills provide enough shade for morning swimmers, although it wouldn’t be hard to find a cool spot any time other than high noon. Bring your best surfboards and plenty of sunscreen, as this particular region can get absurdly hot.

This beautiful beach is located near Victoria, which is roughly 100 kilometers away from Melbourne. Torquay is the nearest place where you can find supplies and rest while Bells Beach has all of the other facilities you may need (a car park, public toilet, surfing gear store, and such).

A few kilometers down the road you’ll find Southside Launch hang-gliding center. Hiking there is absolutely phenomenal, as it’s surrounded by beautiful trees and vegetation. There’s another beach just below the center, which is slightly wider than Bells.

This particular location is excellent for people that are touring Australia. It’s just off the C133 highway, which features numerous stops and parking spots.


3. The Baths – British Virgin Islands

The Baths are one of the most popular tourist attractions of the British Virgin Islands. The pearly-white sands, myriads of weird and exquisite boulders, tall palm trees, and pristinely clear water are just some of the reasons why you should pay a visit to the Virgin Gorda.

This location is riddled with numerous coves that are surrounded (and oftentimes hidden) with surprisingly smooth granite boulders. The landscape of The Baths is unlike anything you’d see in a tropical region.

The Baths have the rockiest beach in the North Atlantic Ocean only in the sense that there are so many caves and grottos, most of which have multiple entrances. The beach entry points are graced with soft sand, although you probably shouldn’t walk barefoot unless you’ve visited the place before.

One of the best things about The Baths is the strategic positioning of restaurants and bars. The very center of the Islands features the most lucrative venues while the southwest part is where you’ll find the best hotels and resorts. 

It’s a terrific place for campers too. With so many things to explore after you’re done bathing, surfing, and snorkeling, you may want to pack up a pair of pillows and spend the night in one of the caves; stars can often be seen through the cracks, which is a once-in-a-lifetime view.


4. Maya Bay Beach – Thailand

There are dozens of beautiful small islands in Thailand, but none as gorgeous as the world-famous Ko Phi Phi Lee. This wonderous retreat hides one of the most fascinating secluded beaches that are hidden from plain sight by massive overgrown boulders.

Trekking through the Ko Phi Phi Lee jungles you’ll eventually see the stunning Phi Le Lagoon. It’s not traversable on foot, so you may want to consider taking a boat cruise to see it up close.

The beach at Maya Bay is very intimate in the sense that you won’t find too many places to stock up on drinks and food, but you’ll certainly be able to meet quite a few other tourists, as it’s one of the most renowned beaches in all of Asia.

Camping and staying on/near Maya Bay is sometimes restricted due to conservation initiatives but there are also lost of beach villages and jungle lodges available to book on the main Phi Phi island.


5. Big Sur, California

There are thousands of cool beaches and surfing places across America, but Big Sur is widely recognized as the ultimate hotspot for tourists and locals alike.

Surrounded by beautiful palm trees and fancy buildings, this particular location is famous for the wildest nightlife venues where beach parties often continue. It’s a paradise for sightseers as well, as it’s bordered by national parks, of which feature unique species of wildlife and vegetation.

Unlike some of the other locations on our list, Big Sur is packed with dozens of facilities, restaurants, cafes, car parks, and restrooms. You can find lots of camping sites and relatively affordable motels pretty much anywhere near the beach, and going whichever direction will invariably lead you to a place where you can eat.


Other Locations to Consider:

  • Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica
  • Sa Cova, Spain
  • Isla Culebra, Puerto Rico
  • Hillend, Wales
  • Cap de l'Homy, France
  • Camping Simuni, Croatia
  • La Cinta, San Teodoro, Sardinia
  • Greenpoint, Canada
  • Fraser Island, Australia
  • Mandvi Beach Camp, India
  • Sardinia, Italy
  • 3 Mile Camp, Gnaraloo Station, Western Australia
  • Isle of Arran, Scotland
  • Cnip Village Grazing Trust Campsite, Scotland
  • Riva di Ugento, Italy
  • Waiʻanapanapa State Park, Hawaii
  • Cala Llevadó, Spain
  • Isla Culbera, Puerto Rico
  • Sla Culebra, Puerto Rico
  • Sardinia, Italy

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