From kids to adults, everyone is attached to it in some way. However, parents become more anxious not knowing what their kids are up to.

With social apps booming, they’ve created a lot of distraction among the younger generation. Moreover, some parents cannot keep a check on their kids either. Ultimately, this dents the parent’s confidence in their children.

However, they don’t need to worry about their kids anymore. As technology has many drawbacks, it poses some beneficial aspects too. Such apps have been designed that are interesting and fruitful. They can dramatically increase productivity among kids.

This article is focused on apps that are meant for kids. On the other hand, parents don’t have to lose a night’s sleep, simply because these apps will help the kids get things done. So, let’s get started:


1. BFT - Bear Focus Timer: 

Do you know anything about the Pomodoro method? It’s a method to divide a lengthy task into chunks of time. Short breaks or intervals are included in that time frame. As a result, the user has a longer concentration span.

The parents or the kids can set the time of a task and breaks. Also, they can manage the focus sessions along with long break times. Moreover, BFT provides different soothing sounds to notify users.

Sounds of flowing water, wind, rain, and fire are available. As kids successfully complete a task, a bear pops up to congratulate them. BFT can be the right fit for those parents worried about their kid's productivity. As much as the bear is intriguing, the interface of this app makes it more appealing. Also, the kids would love to see a bear congratulating them in the cutest way possible.


2. KazuTime

If race against time had any face, this app would be its visualization. As a starting point, parents to kids select a starting time. Also, they opt for a color for the sky and a task icon. They can choose a task icon of their own as well.

Then, kids select a dog to race against the selected time. A summary of the task appears on the screen. For example, “Eat the lunch in 15 minutes”. Starting the timer would start the race. Kids would see their dogs racing for them at the given time.

Completing a task before time makes dogs the winners. Consequently, kids earn stars for their dogs. So, kids and dogs are dependent on each other to make gains. For parents, this application is no less than a blessing, simply because kids can learn time management from this app. Moreover, kids focus harder on the task as the sky’s color changes with time.

However, any productivity app would require an internet connection. Many features of such apps need a connection. Otherwise, the app may not work as intended. Moreover, like this app, other apps allow parents to share their kid’s progress. So, as a proud parent, you might not be able to do this.

So, if you want to flex your kid’s achievements, we recommend a connection like Spectrum. You can explore every productive feature of such apps with their quality connection. Also, you can share your kid’s progress with family and friends.

To avail of their services, you can connect to Spectrum’s website. Furthermore, they’re a customer-centric brand. With time, their exceptional services have attracted a lot of Spanish speakers. To cater to them, they’re offering support in Spanish via Spectrum en español that you can connect with.


3. Stop, Breathe & Think Kids: Focus, Calm & Sleep

This app teaches kids how to be thoughtful and relax. As life has become rapid, it is pertinent for kids to be aware of changing circumstances. So, this app is on a mission to teach valuable lessons to kids aged 5 to 10.

The app has 15 guided videos called “missions”. There are two ways to get access to a mission. They can choose an emoji depending on their current mood, or they can browse the full list of missions and choose the right fit for them.

Furthermore, these missions are divided into 7 categories. Caring and Connecting, Meltdown, Open Mind, Sleep, Quiet, and Focus are 7 respective categories. On completion of missions, kids can earn stickers. Also, parents can keep track of their kid’s activities.



There are lots more fun and educational apps you can download, for toddlers or teenagers which can keep them busy for hours and really help learning and development. These are some more apps to check out.


  • Toca Nature
  • Nick Jr.
  • Pok Pok Preschool Games
  • PBS Kids Games i
  • Toca Boca
  • Duck Duck Moose
  • AlphaTots Alphabet

All Ages

  • Khan Academy
  • Pok Pok Preschool Games
  • Epic!
  • Quick Math Jr.
  • Duolingo
  • Starfall ABCs
  • Homer Learn & Grow
  • Brainpop Jr. Movie of the Week
  • Swift Playgrounds
  • Simply Piano


For kids, the use of technology cannot be left unchecked. Such excessive involvement of technology has made many parents worried. However, the use of technology is dependent on how one wants to use it. So, with these apps, parent’s worries can disappear. These apps would discipline their kids and make them more productive.