If you have already started looking at options you might have discovered the difficulties of shipment delays, custom requirements and the hassle of moving items from one country to another.

But one company that has been helping simplify the process is AiroLuggage.  

“The majority of people are used to sending a letter or package around the world but when we are shipping something larger or unusual in shape the options become limited, that’s where we come in,” says John Catterson, Founder of AiroLuggage. 

There were 131 billion parcels shipped worldwide last year. The industry tripled in the 6 years before 2020. Making the logistics industry more complex in places and applying more pressure on the companies involved.

With such a steep increase in demand, space and weight have become massive factors for courier businesses. “Unfortunately a lot of shipping providers charge a premium for larger or unusual sized shipments. As they take up more space in transit. We make sure we find the most cost-effective solution for our customers. However, they don’t impact on quality we audit all our partners to reassure their package arrives safely and swiftly.” says Catterson. 

AiroLuggage found a niche for itself by bringing more personalised service to the luggage delivery industry. They formed partnerships with the biggest parcel couriers to achieve discounts for their customers and built a live luggage tracking platform. This increased visibility and personalised customer service provided a platform for success over the last few years.

John Catterson explains “The business success has just been exceptional customer service. We take all the hassle out of the shipping process and we do it at a price other shipping providers cannot compete with,”.

What constitutes unusual shipped items you may ask? Catterson continues “Some of our biggest discounts would be for items like bikes, golf clubs and furniture. Items that others might have considered selling before moving now can be shipped anywhere safely and securely”. 

For more information, check out AiroLuggage online.