Check out our top eight things you should take into consideration before taking a backpacking adventure abroad.


1. Planning is Essential

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Spend lots of time to plan your trip and try to do it when you are stress-free and have the least possible things to worry or fret about.

Trust us, your family or friends wouldn’t like the idea of you attending to phone calls or replying to emails during your trip which you could have got sorted before departing.

Also make sure to carry all the essentials to make your adventure a hassle-free. View our backpacking packing list for advice for what to take.


2. Be Prepared to Face Setbacks

Getting things done at the last moment, improvisation and sudden change in plans are few things that are part of the game, when travelling. Not everything can go smoothly and perfectly well and things are bound to disappoint you at some stage.

The most apt thing to do in such a situation is to not let these things lower your excitement level. Carry on with the same zeal, zest and fervor, to make the most of your trip.

Despite all the planning and research that you might have done, it is quite probable that you miss out on something, or get lost while trying to reach a destination. For this purpose you can carry a map or guide book to help you when you feel lost.


3. Health is Important

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As cliché as that may sound, it is the very essence of your trip. Any health concern that may arise should be addressed promptly, lest it should spoil the whole momentum of the trip.

A wise decision would be to note down a list of items, medicines and the like, which would come in handy in times of need. Take control of the situational factors, especially the ones which you can control.

A first aid kit and thermals could be one of the things that would address your health concerns during the trip. Preparing a list of essentials before, won’t do you much harm whilst you should also buy travel insurance.


4. When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do

Nothing works better than trying to fit into your surroundings. As a traveler you should be like a chameleon embracing change effortlessly. The language barrier is a major hurdle in communicating with the locals and finding your way around.

An effective technique would be to familiarize yourself with the local lingo by booking a language course abroad. This would not only help you converse with the local public but also convey a positive message regarding the fact that as a tourist you spent some time to get to know about their language. It gives the residents of the place you are visiting a sense of importance and you don’t feel out of place either.

It would be a bad idea to flaunt off your native language, without the local residents making any sense of what you have to say. Get started today and search our popular language programs abroad today:


5. Respect Cultural Differences

Culture diversity will require you to amend your lifestyle and habits for the time being. Certain cultural norms and habits may differ from place to place. The importance of which can be explained by the fact that a socially acceptable cultural practice may be a cultural taboo in another society.

People meet and greet in different ways. Not everywhere can you display the same extent of frankness in terms of greeting, attire, body language, gestures and much more.

Keep in mind that you are a guest in a foreign land and you are representing your country wherever you go. It’s a two-way process. Give respect and get respect.


6. Be Safe

A major concern for all travellers is security. Security of life, property and personal belongings is what everybody wants. A sense of security can be simply derived from knowing the route to your destination in a foreign land, so that you do not feel abandoned.

Be sure to keep a track of the cash in hand and how much is spent. It is highly likely that in the excitement and hustle and bustle of the journey, one may misplace there cash and valuables.

Keep it somewhere safe, the whereabouts of which only you know. Secure your baggage by using security codes or padlocks or opt for backpacks as they are much more portable and convenient to carry.


7. Find Fun Things to Do

Elephant Sanctuary Thailand

You don’t want to be bored or spend a backpacking trip unproductively. There is a lot of choice for things you can do including:


8. Decide Where to Go

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You should really have an idea of where you would like to visit or a sample itinerary in mind when planning a gap year or trip.


Plan Your Next Backpacking Adventure Today

Start planning, researching and gear up yourself to have the time of your life. Just be sure to have the few essentials for travelling on you and you’re all set to go.