Berlin has some of the best nightclubs, bars, restaurants and cafes in Europe and this is one of the most exciting cities to visit on the continent.

Earlier this year, Jessica Edwards spent 3 days visiing the vibrant, interesting city of Berlin where both history and modern life is intertwined.

If you are wondering where to stay, view this guide to East and West Berlin accommodation options.

If you would like to have an amazing time in Berlin these are her top tips for the best sights and things to do over a long weekend or 3 day break.


1. Visit the TV Tower

The tower, which is located in the AlexanderPlatz area of the city, dominates the Berlin skyline. The second tallest building in the European Union, the tower was built in the late 1960s, and remains an iconic symbol of Berlin.

At the top of the 368m tower, is a cocktail bar which (in the evening, when I visited) was bustling with tourists, ordering relatively reasonably priced drinks. The top of the tower offers the best views of the city, making the tower well worth a visit.

This is one of the top things to do in Berlin in summer and all year round.


2. Tour of Berlin

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

There are many tours of Berlin available, but the one I took – the New Berlin tour – was incredible. And free (although tips are very much appreciated – and completely deserved)! The tours are available in English, and the one I had was led by a British guy who had moved to Berlin a couple of years before.

The walking tour lasted around 3 and a half hours, and began at the Brandenburg Gate, going across the city to Checkpoint Charlie, towards a segment of the Berlin Wall, and finishing at the old Royal Gardens. The tour offers an extensive look at the city, and the tour guide is extremely knowledgeable and friendly, answering any questions about the city.


3. Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

The memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe is one of the most thought-provoking areas in the city. Situated in the centre of Berlin, the 2,711 concrete columns are different sizes, and offer a hauntingly beautiful memorial to the victims of the Holocaust.

Beneath the concrete columns is a museum, which offers a further insight into the Holocaust, with stories of the fate of many families affected by it. The memorial is a perfect example of how Berlin confronts its past, and it should definitely be visited.


4. East Side Gallery

Eastside Gallery, Berlin

The East Side Gallery is a 1.3 kilometre stretch of the Berlin Wall, covered in murals and artwork, and dubbed as an international memorial for freedom.

The gallery features both professional work and amateur work, and displays people's hopes for change and freedom throughout the world. The professional work was created in 1990, and attracts many tourists each day. It is well worth a visit.


5. Berlin Nightlife

Berlin is home to some of the best clubs in Europe, in particular Watergate and Tresor.

Both clubs are infamous throughout the continent, and often (in particular Watergate) host internationally famous DJs. The clubs also have relatively affordable entry prices (Tresor is around €8), and are a must visit to anyone who loves house music.


Plan a Break to Berlin

So there you have it, how to enjoy Berlin over a short weekend city break. If you want to see more of Berlin or the country several Germany tour operators offer trips all year round.

By Jessica Edwards


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