Just because air travel has become the new norm, it doesn't take away any of the magic you'll experience when hitting the road.

The biggest problem is the fact most people don't see all the benefits road trips offer and sometimes just the thought of spending a lot time on the road can put off a lot of families off from even going on a trip.

If you knew how much fun you could have with your family on a road trip you would think twice before booking your next holiday via plane. Let's give you something to think about by looking at why your next adventure should be in your car.


1. Create Memories to Last a Lifetime

Do you have any memories of going camping with your family and catching fish with your dad at the lake? As you grow old it's these kind of wonderful things you remember. They're unique and impossible to replicate on a basic holiday.

Spending a week at the beach is nice and it's even better if you're staying in a fancy hotel. You've got to admit even though it's fun at the time everything you do is forgettable, whereas a road trip will be ingrained on your kid's mind.


2. It Brings The Family Closer Together

It's hard to connect with your child when they're running around and splashing about in the swimming pool all day. The only quality time you'll get to spend with them is when you're sitting at the restaurant eating your meals.

The moment you step into the car it's hard to get away from each other. The time you spend talking and playing lots of fun games with your child will help you bond with them like never before, plus you'll see a carryover when the road trip ends.


3. Kids Will Have a Lot More Say

If you were still a young child, I'm sure you'd like your voice to be heard. It's a bit tough on a traditional holiday because you'll book the plane tickets and hotels up to a year in advance. Your child will have to go where you tell them.

They'll have a lot more leeway when you're out on the open road. Maybe your child will help you plan a few stops in advance, but even if they haven't they'll have the power to tell you to stop if they see anything interesting.


4. Your Child Will Become a Lot More Patient

Road trips include plenty of exciting things, but they involve long distances in between everything too. It will mean your child will have to learn to become more patient because they won't have any other choice.

If you're trying to save lots of fuel it will take even longer until you reach your planned stops. Patience is one of the most important things you need as an adult, so road trips will pay dividends in the future.


5. It Takes Children Out Of Their Comfort Zone

Another crucial part of growing up is being taken out of your comfort zone. That won't happen when your kid is lying around the pool. If they want food or need to use the bathroom it will take a few minutes to make it happen.

When your child needs to go once they're on a road trip they will need to plan accordingly. They'll need to make sure they have enough snacks when you stop for food or they'll have to do without. All great adventures will take people out of their comfort zone.


6. A Family Road Trip Is Educational

Sitting at the beach and running into the water isn't the most educational thing in the world. A normal holiday might teach your kid a few basic skills, but at the end of the day it's mostly about having lots of fun.

A family road trip is a combination of the two. Your child will definitely have lots of fun, but they'll learn a huge amount of things too. You'll get to decide how much they actually learn depending on what you teach them.


7. You Can Take Almost Anything With You

It's impossible to take everything with you on an airplane. If you're desperate for something you might need to buy it when you arrive at your destination. The exact opposite is true when you're on a road trip.

You can pack an air mattress into the car so you don't hurt your back when you're sleeping. Your kid can play around in lakes with their inflatable kayak. You can even bring a makeshift kitchen with you, so all the extra space will make your trip perfect.


8. You Can Enjoy Outdoor Adventures

When you hop on a plane and fly to a resort, odds are you're going to spend the entirety of your vacation by a pool, in a hotel room, and at a resort restaurant. That may be fine for some, but I'd take an adventurous vacation with my family any day. Going hiking, biking, kayaking, and even off-roading in a 4x4 are far more memorable than the same cruise or resort every summer.

Like we mentioned in our last point, you can take anything with you to prepare for the trip. If you're going hiking, you can bring good boots and a good backpack - and if you want to go kayaking too, you'll have no trouble packing bathing suits and towels. 

If you do choose a more adventurous vacation in the outdoors - especially with kids - expect things to get messy. I mean, really messy. Prepare to do some cleaning after the trip, as the interior of your car may get a bit muddy.

Laying ground rules about not bringing dirt in the car, placing newspaper on the floor, and even investing in more solid floor mats to protect the car's material are all great ways to help your car survive the trip.


9. Freedom to Explore

Unlike when staying in an all inclusive resort for example, when travelling independently you can go where you want when you want.

You can pick and choose your itinerary and schedule whilst you go rather than being stuck on one location. So if you go somewhere you find boring, or an accommodation isn't up to standard, you can just drive somewhere else.

If you are worried about any break downs or thinking what to do in case we need roadside assistance or help, there are plenty of insurance and road maintenance companies which can help if you have any emergencies giving you peace of mind when you travel.


10. Choice of Destinations

There are so many places you can go, from exploring your own country to going overland and discovering more nations.


You don't need to go on a road trip every holiday. In fact, maybe once will be enough then you'll be able to carry on with your normal breaks. It really is worth taking your family for a massive adventure in the car, the hard part is just deciding where to go.

Do you have any tips for planning a family road trip? Let us know in the comments section below.