Whether one is strong enough to climb straight uphill, horizontally or round the hill itself, the whole experience provides a scenic view and undeniable exercise to the body. It is even more fun when one is in the company of friends.

Friends can be motivating and they are always there to show you what you missed to see by yourself. All over the world, there are mountains, hills and escapements which offer steepest yet exciting places.

Here are some of the most scenic places to go trekking around the world. 


1. Indian Himalayan Region

India Himalaya Treks

This is the world's greatest mountain range. The walks and routes that transverse through this remote Indian mountain range were created long ago for trading purposes. In order to get to the top, a hiker will take 24 days to move from Spiti to Ladakh.

This journey is particularly appealing to those people who do not mind the snow that is usually deposited all through the ranges. This does not deter those who do not fancy the coldness though because at the peak of the ranges, there is the desert climate as is the case with the region surrounding these ranges.


2. Pays Dogon 

Pays Dogan Treks

Located in Mali, West Africa, this region can take a hiker a range of two to ten days. The steepest places of the region are the slopes of the Bandiagara escapement.

The Pays Dogon derives its name from Dogon Village, the area around it. Along the escapement, ancient buildings of the traditional Mali people provide a breathtaking view. These ruins describe the history of the people of Mali, their ancient drawings, carvings and homestead setup.

For a lover of anthropology and history, the escapements will not only provide a steep climbing task but also a chance to study the two disciplines. 

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3. Routeburn Track, New Zealand

Routeburn Trek

Found in the South Island of New Zealand, this 32 kilometer (19.8 miles) long track is arguably the most scenic in the whole country. From the tracks, a hiker is able to view the beautiful Humboldt Mountains and all their features. The track passes through the Fiordland and Mt Aspiring national parks. These are animal reserves that increase the pleasures of climbing the track. Harris Saddle and Conical Hill are the major viewpoints where a hiker can view the beach and its waves. Generally, this track is good for geography and hiking leisure. 


4. Inca Trail

Inca Trail Trek

Laid by the Incas (ancient Peruvian people), the 33 kilometers (20 miles) long track leads a hiker form Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu. Along its long winds, the track has views of ancient homesteads and villages of the Incas.

They have been reserved to offer hikers a tourism experience. The thick forests in which the trail is found is not short of wildlife. Hikers get the chance to see the most conserved species of South America in these forests. 


For a person with any interest or a lover of any discipline, the world can offer some of the steepest yet exciting places that require only adequate energy and a quest for the feeling of leisure and learning in order to explore. Search all of our tours abroad today.