Top Reasons to Apply

Volunteer with Sloths

These types of experiences are very special, here are some reasons to apply:

  • Do something rewarding
  • Sloths are incredibly friendly animals
  • Learn more about conservation work being implemented
  • Help play a small role in contributing to a worthwhile cause
  • Meet inspirational staff and make new friends with people from all over the world
  • Inspire others to get involved


Problems Facing Sloths

  • Natural habitat loss
  • Poaching


Location of Projects

Sloths are exotic creatures found in Central and South America. There are opportunities throughout the region where you can help at sanctuaries like the Aviarios del Caribe Sloth Sanctuary located close to the Cahuita National Park in Costa Rica.

Sanctuaries help care for orphaned and injured sloths from all over the country, a lot of the animals are not able to return to living in the wild so they are cared for by local staff and volunteers. The aim of most projects is to release them back into the wild after rehabilitation.

There are volunteer projects with sloths in other countries like Peru and Brazil in the Amazon region. You can play a role in caring for wildlife and helping with rehabilitation work to get other sloths ready for life back in the wild.


What to Expect

Volunteer Sloths Costa Rica

If you apply to volunteer in Costa Rica or a similar destination you will get involved in a range of activities that will help to care for sloths that are unable to return to wild and rehabilitation work to get sloths ready to return to their natural habitat. 

This type of project is very unique, you will get to  interact and talk with visitors, lead educational tour groups, helping in the gift shop, cleaning cages, washing berro leaves, collecting and preparing food like carrots, feeding the sloths etc.

Sometimes the work can seem hard and also very hands on so be aware of this, this is volunteering not just turning up to get some photos with the sloths.


Tasks Can Include:

When volunteering in Central America with animals you will generally be:

  • Providing essential care for the sloths and other animals, such as feeding and exercising.
  • Assisting with monitoring the animals and recording observations
  • Taking part in occasional release back into the wild
  • Cleaning enclosures and greeting visitors
  • Pitching in with trail building/maintenance
  • Raking and sweeping of all public areas and clearing away fallen leaves
  • Helping the on-site vet with various tasks; weighing, monitoring and caring for the animals
  • Lending a hand with any administrative work that crops up while you’re there!


How to Apply

You can seach projects on our directory and arrange a life-changing placement today. You might also like to search all of our wildlife volunteer programs abroad.


Reviews & Testimonials

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