5 Best Cities in the World for Young Expats

5 Best Cities in the World for Young Expats

Young expats flock to the likes of Paris and New York, with an idealistic view of life in their early twenties perpetuated by Hollywood blockbusters. Kudos given, moving to these popular locations can be incredibly daunting. But, if you’re taking the plunge, why not do it somewhere a little different? Or somewhere that can benefit you in the early stages of your professional life? 

Below are five thriving locations for young expats, profiting from government schemes, flourishing economies, and large expat communities.


1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

It may be one of the oldest cities in Europe, but Amsterdam is the destination of dreams for many budding expats. The city is trendy, with a youthful air, and it is the first port of call for many fledgling expats. It has always been a haven for young professionals, with the majority securing jobs in fashion, advertising, and information technology. Employers in Amsterdam are constantly on the hunt for non-Dutch speaking candidates, and with government led Expatcentre Amsterdam helping highly-skilled migrants settle in the city, millennials can rest assured they will be looked after. Expatcentre will even help you get a residence permit, register at city hall, and get a social security number!


2. Shanghai, China


A vibrant city and one of the largest e-commerce markets in the world, Shanghai seems like a winner when considering their powerful global corporations and ever-rising economy. Shanghai may seem like a culture shock for young expats, but it is an unrivalled opportunity for a head start in business, whilst experiencing unique culture and customs.


3. Perth, Australia

Expat Destinations Australia

Usually dwarfed by Sydney and Melbourne, Perth is the least daunting Aussie city for young expats to move to. It is the countries’ up and coming ‘it city’ and is gaining a global buzz for having exceptional work/life balance. The city boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia, and is championed for its cheaper rental prices and rising economy.

Moving to the other side of the world can be daunting for millennials. If your stomach is in knots, investing in a comprehensive travel insurance plan can help diminish those fears a little and help you concentrate on setting up your new life in the sun.


4. Dubai, UAE

The luxurious city in the Middle East is a bold move for young expats, and it is best to move there having already cemented employment. This can often be achieved by securing a position through your current employer. Unless you have a mountain of savings, moving to Dubai with no job can prove extremely costly.

However, if work is not an issue, Dubai is a fast paced city with a diverse expat community – ideal for young expats to make friends in. Dubai is an opportunity to experience a culture like no other in the world, and make the most of a country with a booming economy and professional ethos. 


5. Tel Aviv, Israel

After powerhouse Dubai, the evolving metropolis of Tel Aviv has the 2nd largest economy in the Middle East. Israel’s capital city has been gaining notoriety for being the up and coming ‘place to be’, with many dubbing it as the new ‘LA’ for its exciting and exuberant atmosphere. Due to its rapid development, now is the time for young expats to get stuck in and revel in the opportunities the growing economy presents.

When moving to any country for work, it is best for young expats to get their hands on income replacement insurance. This will protect your wages against an accident or an illness that prevents you from attending your usual occupation.


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