Internships in Israel

Israel is a really up and coming destination to intern in, thousands of people apply every year from all around the world. If you are looking to gain hands on work experience and would like to experience a unique culture with a fascinating history then this is the country for you. 


Intern Programs in Israel

Find structured and paid internships in Israel during summer and year round.

Internships in Israel for Foreigners

Israel Internships

Interning in Israel is popular with students, especially from the United States who are visiting Israel as part of a study abroad program. Israel has a large Jewish population but you do not need to be religious to intern here. Before departing though we highly recommend you do a lot of research so you are aware of all the local customs and traditions, Israel is a very modern country but there are still lots of cultural differences with the Western world.

Despite what you might think about Israel being a traditional society, this country is very developed and there are so many exciting startups and companies operating here. Technology is now playing a key role in helping develop the local economy and there are lots of exciting companies based here like the mobile app Waze. When in Israel, you could also learn more about the the country and experience the rich culture and vibrant atmosphere. Most internships are from Monday to Friday so you will get weekends free to explore your new surroundings. 

Israel is a small country in size but the country is very diverse in terms of cultures, landscapes and also different locations where you can choose to intern. View our guide to interning in Israel, apply and get ready for a fantastic experience. 


Top Reasons to Intern in Israel

  • Experience a new culture
  • Gain valuable work experience 
  • Meet new professional contacts
  • Advances your career opportunities
  • Potentially could leads to a full-time job offer
  • Experience the Israeli culture and learn more about the people, language and history 
  • Perfect if you would like to spend a structured gap year in Israel
  • Make new friendships
  • Go sightseeing in your spare time 



You can find a wide range of companies offering intern programs in various different areas including:

  • Conservation & Environmental Awareness
  • Education
  • Hospitality
  • Human rights
  • IT
  • Media, Marketing & Social Media
  • NGO
  • Politics
  • Travel & Tourism


Popular Places to Intern

International Internships in Israel

You can find companies offering intern programs throughout Israel, these are our top recommended places to apply:

This is probably the most famous location in Israel due to being one of the most important and historic cities in the world. Jerusalem is Israel's capital and a city with several univeristies which have a great reputation. There are lots of cultural sights available to see too.

Tel Aviv
Our top recommended destination to study in Israel in Tel Aviv, this is a very most liberal city with a young and vibrant atmopshere. There are several univisities which offer placements to international students and there is so much to do in your spare time including enjoying the nightlife which is among the best in the world.

Haifa is the third largest city in Israel located on Israel's Mediterranean shoreline and it is probably the most underrated place to study. Haifa is ofen overlooked in favor of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem but we highly recommend you consider this city.


Israel Internship Reviews

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