One World 365 was founded in 2007 with the mission to help people find meaningful experiences in the UK and abroad.

Since our inception, we have assisted with all types of media requests related to travel, backpacking, gap years, student travel trends, volunteering and eco tourism.

Our website has been featured in a wide range of local and national media and we can provide news articles, help with features / case studies and also might be able to help provide facts, figures and information.

We also have an experienced team of travel experts who can help with any related queries.

You can learn more about our company on our about us page. Or if you would like any specific information please contact us.





We are a partner the UK Foreign Office 'Know Before You Go Campaign' helping British tourists stay safe overseas.




Here are some of our most recent awards: 


Voted a 'Top 10 Gap Year Website' by National Geographic.


Included in a list of the '10 Best Volunteer Abroad Organizations' by Goodnet.


Won a 'Top Eco Enthusiasts of 2017' award, in the Sustainable Voluntourism by Green Match.


Included in the 'Top 25 Eco-Friendly Companies Worldwide' by Global Health & Pharmacy magazine GHP.


Voted a 'Top 100 Travel Blog' by popular travel blogger Asher Fergusson.


Voted one of the best websites to find an international job by World Trips.



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Related Opportunities

Fiji Sports Coaching

Inject much needed enthusiasm and creativity into the children's lives and become more than just a sports coach as you work on this sun-drenched archipelago.

Canada Kayak with Orcas

Journey through one of the most amazing kayak routes in North America, explore ancient ruins and enchanting islands while keeping an eye out for the majestic and awe- inspiring Orca!

Volunteer with Pandas in China

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to work with these adorable animals, helping with the feeding of adults and caring for the cubs at a beautiful breeding and rehabilitation centre.

Free English teaching placement in Thailand

Experience the cultural wonders of Thailand while teaching English to local Thai children on a 6-month supported teaching placement.

Costa Rica Animal Rescue Project (Sloths & More)

Join this incredible project to volunteer with animals including sloths and monkeys, experience front line conservation and help safeguard Costa Rica's precious wildlife and unique habitats for future generations.

Travel Journalism Internship in Cambodia (Community Volunteering Project)

Further your travel journalism skills and spend time in the exciting and thriving city of Siem Reap.

Mayan Adventure Trail in Central America

Combine adventure with sight-seeing & experience the best of Mexico, Guatemala & Honduras. Explore legendary ruins & swim in azure waters. 

Fiji Journalism Placement

The Fijian archipelago lies scattered lazily in the achingly blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, bathed in the radiant Antipodean sunlight. Fiji will enchant you with its infectious, chilled out "Fiji time" lifestyle and its heavenly beaches.

Journalism & Media Internship in Tanzania (Diving, Teaching, Wildlife Project)

Develop your journalism and media skills whilst spending time on the beautiful Mafia Island.

Teaching and Temples in Nepal

Unlock the secrets of Buddhism whilst helping to teach children or young monks. Immerse yourself in the mystical and enchanting culture and discover the adventures hidden in Nepal's countryside.

Sports Coaching Placement in Fiji

Inject much needed enthusiasm and creativity into the children's lives and become more than just a sports coach as you work on this sun-drenched archipelago.

Marine Conservation NGO Internship in Tanzania

Dive in crystal clear waters to research and protect pristine coastal ecosystems on a on an NGO-Tanzania marine conservation Internship.

Road Trip Adventure in Sri Lanka

Immerse yourself in the cultural wonders of this unique country whilst discovering idyllic landscapes and sampling the culinary delights of the ever smiling Sri Lankan people.

Teaching and Community NGO Internship in Tanzania

Change the lives of those around you for the better on a Tanzania Teaching and Community Internship on Mafia Island, a true tropical paradise.

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

Visit the land of Pura Vida and immerse yourself in the culture and language as you explore what makes Costa Rica what it is.

Journalism & Media Internship in Madagascar (Diving, Teaching, Wildlife Project)

Take a steps towards your dream journalistic career with an exciting journalism and media position in Madagascar.

Teaching and Beaches in the Maldives

Immerse yourself in the heart of Maldivian island communities, helping to improve opportunities for local children by encouraging a sense of confidence, enthusiasm and ambition.

Journalism & Media Internship in Fiji (Conservation or Community Project)

Gain experience and new skills while working as a journalist at our Fiji conservation or community project.





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