Top 10 Cities to Visit in Asia

Top 10 Cities to Visit in Asia

Asia is full of life and there are so many cities you could visit! From large booming metropolisis to smaller more tranquil locations, you really have a lot of choice no matter which part of Asia you venture to. If you would like to visit Asia and are keen to explore some of the best cities below we have highlighted 10 of the favourites you should add to any itinerary...


1. Siem Riep, Cambodia

The main highlight of visiting Siem Riep is the world famous Angkor Wat temples - this site is really amazing. The city itself is fairly relaxed compared to Phnom Penh you will find things for tourists and ways to experience local life.


2. Lunag Pra Bang, Laos 

One of the most beautiful and relaxed cities in the world and our top choice. We highly recommend watching sunset with local monks from one of the hills or going to see nearby waterfalls.


3. Dharamasala, India 

Home to thousands of Tibetan refugees and this whole area is spectacular! There are photo opportunities around every corner and the mountain backdrop is incredible.


4. Lhasa, Tibet 

With one of the oldest cultures in the world where you can see spectacular temples and witness local people living their lives.


5. Kota Kinabalu, Borneo

One of the most exotic destinations in the world, this city is very calm and a great place to explore Borneo where you can see animals and incredible nature.


6. Kyoto, Japan

A mix of modern life with old temples where you can sample the local culture and learn about the history and people who inhabit this region of Asia.


7. Chiang Mai, Thailand 

A relaxed and beautiful city compared to the noise of hectic Bangkok - this city is also  the gateway to lots of treks and adventure trips. You could visit temples, relax in one of the many cafes or just watch monks in fascination.


8. Agra, India 

Home to the world famous Taj Mahal which is a magical building with a true love story behind the scenes - you can't leave India without getting a picture here.


9. Beijing, China

Beijing offers a mix of old and ultra new - there is something for everybody. You could wander around the old Hutongs to get an insight into life a few decades ago or check our impressive places like the Forbidden City, Summer Palace ad Great Wall.


10. Kular Lumpur, Malaysia 

A modern and fascinating city to explore with thriving food markets and sightseeing activities including the impressive Petronas Towers which loom high over the landscape. Be sure to visit one of the modern shopping centres.



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