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There has never been a better time to take a gap year in Australia. This is an incredible country with world famous destinations like Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, The Great Barrier Reef, The Outback and SO much more. With everything from world famous coral reefs and iconic cities, to luscious rainforests and surf beaches galore there’s something for everyone. Start planning a dream gap year to Australia today!


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Guide to Taking a Gap Year in Australia

Australia is one of the most popular destinations in the world for a reason - this country is an amazing place to explore. Highlights can include being more than just a tourist, visiting Ayers Rock, riding jeeps around Fraser Island, sailing in the WhitSundays, snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef... the list could go on and on! Expect a warm climate, friendly locals, new cities, beautiful beaches, lots of international travellers, a relaxed atmosphere and also so much to see and do. Our trips and gap year programs are open to students, graduates, career breakers and for people looking to see more of this country. 



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Gap Year Jobs in Australia

We highly recommend applying for a working holiday in Australia which allows you to fund travels whilst meeting new people and embracing the Aussie lifestyle and staying longer. You can find gap year work throughout the country in places like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Cairns, Brisbane and the Outback.



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Gap Year Programs in Australia

If you are keen to do something like studying, interning or volunteering our website features trips by travel agencies - they can help you arrange flights, transfers, accommodation and provide placements to help you have a dream experience. If you need any help planning your gap year to Australia please contact us.



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Advice for Taking a Gap Year in Australia

  • The Outback is spectacular, think desert and a few remote outposts and towns. You can experience this for yourself and join thousands of other gappers to visit places like Ayers Rock near Alice Springs and Darwin. 
  • The legendary East Coast is amazing, this will be a wild and crazy experience seeing some stunning locations along the way. Some people start in Sydney and travel North.
  • If you prefer to explore the country and not have any stress then booking a tour will appeal to you
  • If you would like to explore the country at your own pace another great way to travel is by renting a campervan. This is a good idea especially if you are planning on travelling long distances between major cities, or if you are staying in one place for a period of time and wish to explore the surrounding area in greater depth than you would be able to on public transport. 
  • If you are looking for a city to base yourself or settle we recommend Sydney or Melbourne - both have a lively atmosphere and lots to do. Both cities have great nightlife and cafes, most backpackers stay here the longest. In Melbourne you have to do the Neighbours experience and pub night, you might even get to meet Dr Karl or Toadfish.
  • Perth is small but relaxing city, a great alternative to Sydney and Melbourne
  • Adelaide is a nice city but don't expect much to do, its probably best to visit if you know someone who lives there as they will be able to show you around, popular things to do include visiting the local museums and also climbing Mount Lofty. 
  • The Great Ocean Road is one of the most spectacular routes in the world
  • Learning to scuba dive at the Great Barrier Reef is incredible, you can set this up through our website before departing. If you are looking to learn to surf you can choose from almost any coastal place like Byron Bay or Surfers Paradise.  
  • If you would like to visit Tasmania, flights are cheap but taking the ferry from Melbourne to Devonport is more scenic and a much better option. You can hire a car, we recommend visiting the Bay of Fires, the Freycinet National Park, the Tasman Peninsula, the Central Plateau Conservation Area, Mole Creek Karst National Park and the remote Lake Mackenzie.
  • Ayers Rock is a long way in the middle of nowhere but it really is spectacular especially if you see it at sunrise or sunset - the rock changes colour it looks really magical. Book your flights or train tickets way in advance though as spaces can fill up quick.



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Australia Gap Year Reviews

"I spent my gap year in Australia and it was the best time of my life. I flew to Perth from Bangkok and then made my way over to Sydney - amazing times." - Matty, UK

"Go for the working holiday visa in Oz, I didn't do it and regret it. Australia is quite expensive but if you work there then you self-fund your trip." - Martin, UK

"Australia is the best place I visited on my round the world trip. There are so many gappers and places to see. The Whitsunday islands are simple beautiful - don't leave without going here." - Jo, UK

"Sydney is similar to London in terms of prices for accommodation so budget for this. Do a bus tour of the East Coast and stop in Cairns - this city is wild!" - Liz, UK



Australia Gap Year Travel

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