The Bahamas is a luxury vacation destination which has over 1,000 islands to explore, expect spectacular clear ocean and friendly locals who speak English. The Bahamas is appealing for so many reasons - there is a warm climate year round, white sandy beaches and luxury resorts. Taking a holiday or gap year in the Bahamas will be one of the best choices you can make, the experience is made easier by the fact local people speak English. We have some amazing small group activity holidays and unique travel packages which are perfect if you would like to do more than sunbathing.


Travel Packages & Eco Holidays in the Bahamas

Search carefully selected authentic activity and adventure vacations to the Bahamas.

Bahamas Holidays

Bahamas Travel Guide

  • Capital: Nassau
  • Currency: Bahamian dollar (BSD)
  • Area: 13,900 sq km
  • Population: 303,000 (approx)
  • Language: English & Creole
  • Dailing Code +1-242
  • Weather: If you are seeking pure sunshine and heat try to visit the Bahamas during summer when you can expect days to be around 27ºC. November to April is winter in the Bahamas and the weather is not too hot, around 20ºC but you also have to beware of hurricanes



Bahamas Travel

Health and Safety

The Bahamas is a very safe destination and you shouldn't have any problems with local people, they are very used to seeing tourists and will be very friendly especially when they learn you are there to help. You might want to visit your local healthcare facility prior to departure to check any recommended vaccinations and also pack light clothing and lots of sunscreen - the sun is incredibly hot in this region of the world.



Bahamas Gap Year

Gap Year in Bahamas

If you are interested in spending a gap year in the Bahamas we have exciting programs where you can help protect the environment or teach English to local children. You will get to experience life on the islands living in a spectacular setting close to the beach whilst also making a positive impact. The Bahamas might not strike you as typical gap year destination but you can experience it with Gap Year 365, contact us if you need help arranging a gap year in this country. These gap year trips are available throughout the year and you will make good friends, meet new people and have a trip like no other, you could also train to become a scuba diver here!

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