Teach English in Guyana

Guyana is probably a country you haven't considered when thinking about going to teach English overseas. Guyana is situated in North Eastern South America and is an exotic country relatively undiscovered. There is a real need for native English speaking teachers and very little competition for jobs with both paid and voluntary positions available.


TEFL Jobs in Guyana


Guide to Teaching Abroad in Guyana

Guyana has a tropical climate and some beautiful beaches, scenery and friendly and welcoming people. This is a vibrant country to work as an English teacher, as local people speak English there is a smaller need for TEFL teachers although there are jobs available and less teachers head here to work meaning the better the chances of getting employment. 

This might suprise you but English is the official language of Guyana but they converse in a slightly different dialect known as Creole. Guyana used to be part of the British colony and now people speak a mixture of English with a combination of Caribbean. Teaching in Guyana can be an eye opening experience, facilities can be basic and living conditions basic to what you might be used to. This will be the challenge of your life.



Top Reasons to Teach in Guyana

  • There is a warm tropical climate 
  • Beautiful beaches
  • Less tourist than other destinations to teach English South America
  • Tasty food
  • Authentic experience 



Popular Places to Teach English in Guyana

Most teaching jobs can be found in Georgetown, this is the capital city of Guyana and also where most people in the country live.



Types of Teaching Jobs in Guyana

There are language and public schools located all over the country.

Educational Positions

A lot of teaching positions in Guyana are voluntary and unpaid, international organisations and the Guyanese Ministry of Education hire English instructor to work all over the country. They usually offer insentives like free accommodation.


Private English Language Schools

There aren't a huge amount of private schools in Guyana but more seem to be opening up in recent years. Students are usually adults keen to improve their English skills.


International Schools

There are some international schools in places like Georgetown which recruit international TEFL teachers. You will usually need to have experience and qualifications to apply.


Indepdendent Lessons

To make a bit of extra money you might like to advertise your services for private lessons. You won't make a fortune doing this but every little helps when you add it onto wages for working at language schools.




To work in Guyana you will need to apply for a working visa, this will need to be arranged by your employer and costs around £100 (US$140).



Requirements for Teaching in Guyana

Most employers will require you to be a native English speaker, with previous experience and a bachelor’s degree. A TEFL certificate is not a necessity but it will improve your chances of finding work.



Top Tips to Get a Job Teaching in Guyana

Very few positions are advertised online and so we recommend going to language schools once in the country. It is better to meet and talk to hiring managers face to face although you could also e-mail or phone them in advance.



What to Do in Your Spare Time

Guyana shares borders with Brazil, Suriname and Venezuela and there is so much you can do in your spare time.



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