Teach English in Paraguay

If you are looking to teach English in South America the chances are Praguay isn't top of your list of destinations. This country is often overlooked compared to other destinations in the continent, but we think you should consider Paraguay and our guide will provide you with information on how to make this possible. You don’t necessarily need to be well qualified and experienced to find work in Paraguay but it does help. 


Teaching, Language & TEFL Jobs in Paraguay


Guide to Teaching English in Paraguay

Paraguay is a small politically stable country located inbetween Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil. Paraguay is a unique country to visit, there isn't much commercialism and so you will get a really authentic experinece. If you’re looking for a country to teach in South America that is a bit off the beaten track and less touristy then Paraguay is the perfect location. Paraguay was colonized by the Spanish in the 16th century and because of this the population still speak Spanish today. There is a population of around 6.5 million people in Paraguay and local people are very keen to learn English. TEFL teachers are help in high regard in Paraguay and this country is a very safe place to live. Students in Paraguay are very friendly and welcoming.



Where to Find Teaching Jobs in Paraguay

Most TEFL jobs can be found in the capital city, Asunción which is where most language schools are based. There are teaching vacancies in other cities like Ciudad del Este and Encarnacion.



Salary for Teaching in Paraguay

Don't expect to get rich teaching in English is Paraguay, wages are very low compared to other teaching abroad destinations but you should be able to make enough to save money. Wages are generally very low in Paraguay so if you are advertising your services for private lessons don't set your price too high.



Cost of Living

Paraguay is a very cheap country to live and work. You can find food and drink for next to nothing. Rents are more expensive in the larger cities but still very low.



How to Get a TEFL Job in Paraguay

Most teaching jobs in Paraguay can be found at private language schools and bilingual international schools as finding work at public schools can be tough. Private schools are usually modern with equipement and computers to enhance student learning. Teaching in public schools can be a challege as schools are often underfunded and classrooms overcrowded. It is difficult to get a teaching job in Paraguay online, most language schools recruit in-country and will expect a face to face interview.



Requirements and Qualifications Needed for Working in Paraguay

Most teaching jobs do not require you to have a degree or a TEFL certificate course but most schools will want you to be a native English speaker. International schools generally have higher requirements, they might ask to see if you have experience, a BA and a qualification like a TEFL, TESOL or CELTA course.




Most people enter Paraguay and teach on a tourist visa - this is illegal but often the most popular route to go. If you do want to teach legally in you will need to get your employer to apply for your work visa but you will need to pay for it.



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