Teach English in Venezuela

Venezeula is located in Northern South America and it is a beautiful country with spectacular beaches, islands and rainforests. There are limited opportunities to work as an English teacher in Venezuela. View our guide today.


Teaching, Language & TEFL Jobs in Venezuela

Teach English in Venezuela

Guide to Teaching English in Venezuela

Venezuela is one of the most beautiful places to work in South America. This country is bordered by Guyana, Brazil and Colombia but all countries are very different. There has been an increasing demand for English teachers over the past decade and there are so many reasons you might want to consider teaching here.



How Easy is it to Get a Teaching Job

There is a need for English teachers in Venezeula, the Spanish speaking locals are keen to add English to their skills to enhance careers. Tourism and business are huge employers in Venezuela and being able to speak English really helps local people get jobs.



Where to Get a Teaching Job

There are English language schools located throughout Venezuela which hire international TEFL teachers. Most teaching jobs can be found in Caracas, the capital city which is in a spectacular setting. Other places you might want to seek TEFL jobs include Maracaibo and Valencia. You can apply to work at public schools, private schools, businesses or you could give private Lessons.



What to Do in Your Spare Time

  • Practise / improve / learn Spanish
  • Make new professional and personal contacts
  • See amazing places like Angel Falls
  • Explore more of South America



Safety Information

There is currently major political turnoil and mass protests across the country and before departing you will need to research the current situation before departing.



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