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With over 20 years' experience and 20 campuses, we proudly offer a wide range of English and activity courses for students from a variety of educational and cultural backgrounds.

Our courses are held at some of the most prestigious, and vibrant locations across the country at centres that offer both student and staff alike a comfortable and welcoming stay.

We are passionate about our student experience, so we make it our responsibility to ensure that everyone leaves having had a fantastic experience. Our goal is to help students make new friends, improve their English, experience British culture and most importantly make memories that will last for a lifetime.

We are looking for team members to join us this summer who have the ability to lead, inspire and ensure our students have an unforgettable experience.

Stafford House Study Holidays and Stafford House School of English is part of Cambridge Education Group, which has delivered the highest quality academic, creative and English language programmes since 1952.


Working in a Summer School

We currently run fourteen centres throughout the UK, and nine in the USA, and these are based either at University campuses or private boarding schools. Our clients (language travel agents, schools and colleges worldwide) place equal emphasis on both the academic and leisure parts of the programme and especially the integration of British culture into both.

Our courses usually provide 15 hours of language tuition and one and half days of excursions per week. Students stay in residences which are usually situated on campus or at some locations, with host families. We offer a full programme of weekly activities and arrange for transfers to and from the airports.

Life at a summer school is very different to life in a year-round school. Although rooms and facilities are seperate, students and staff share accommodation blocks and spend a large part of their day in each other's company. This demands high levels of energy and commitment, and also means that you have responsibility for those around you, responsibility not only for their well-being, but also a responsibility to make their stay in this country as rewarding as possible.

While at our schools, students have a mixture of English lessons, activities and excursions, but they also meet people from a wide range of different countries and backgrounds. We are here to make sure they learn a lot, have a good time, learn a little bit about Britain, and above all, are well looked after.

On each of the courses, every effort is made to create an environment where English is the natural language of communication. Children are grouped by language level and partly by age. Particular attention is given, throughout the course, to converting a passive knowledge into an active one. We achieve by taking into account the student's level of English and appealing to their interests as well as placing special emphasis on listening and speaking.

Our contract lengths vary from 2 weeks to 6 weeks. Most of the short contracts are available in July. Unfortunately we are unable to offer contracts to those only available in August.


Training and Support

All new staff are given a full day's induction at the start of their contract. The induction covers student welfare, health and safety, site orientation and job specific duties and responsibilities. This is a paid day. 

We welcome newly-qualified teachers and provide full support and training for them. We provide ongoing training in the form of weekly seminars and workshops. 

All staff receive a handbook which contains a job specific manual. The handbook has been designed to equip you with all you need to know about our company and your job. The various sections of the handbook give you easy access to information such as; Getting Started, Policy and Procedures, Professional Development and your job.



We have a great choice of venues based in some of the worlds most interesting cities and beautiful countryside locations. Most of the courses we offer are held at some of the most prestigious Universities and Boarding schools in the country. The facilities and accomodation offered are at a high standard and comprise of modern learning environments, sports halls, outdoor playing pitches, and restaurants.

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