TEFL Courses in Australia

Search classroom TEFL certification courses in Australia and get trained to teach English abroad. TEFL courses are open to both locals and also internationals and there are cheap courses available to book throughout the year in most major cities. Getting TEFL qualified in Australia is a life changing experience.


TEFL & TESOL Certification Classes in Australia

Get TEFL Certified in Australia


Australia TEFL Courses

There is the option to book a classroom TEFL course or take an online course, both have different advantages and disadvantages. Online courses are very flexible so you could learn at home or travel around and explore Australia at the same time. You will learn knowledge and skills on how to become a sucessful English teacher overseas.

What course you decide to join really comes down to personal preference, for a more personal and exciting experience you might want to learn in a location with a class, you will meet and learn alongside other people with similar interests. A lot of language schools have opened up in the past decade and a lot will be able to help you with job hunting advice on completion of a course.


Popular Places to Take a TEFL Certification in Australia

There are several places to take a TEFL course, including:


What is Included in Most Packages

Some companies provide packages which include accommodation whilst you can also book somewhere independently. There are join dates every month throughout the year, you can search providors and local language schools on our page today. 



To be eligible you must have completed higher education, be able to speak fluent English and be aged 18+. Usually Australians and internationals join courses (popular nationalities include New Zealanders, South Africans, Canadians, Brits and Irish).



Online TEFL courses in Australia can cost around AU$199 - $500 whilst classroom options are a bit more expensive around $400 - $1000. If you live outside of Australia you can book in your native country and pay in your own currency e.g. GBP, USD.


How to Book

You can find courses on our directory. If you need any help arranging a certification please get in touch.


Australia TEFL Course Reviews

If you have ever taken a TEFL course in Australia and would like to add a review, write about your experience or share any recommendations please contact us.

"I started my TEFL course after a spur of the moment decision during a particularly bad day at work. I was half way through my degree and working as a barista in Starbucks to pay the bills; serving coffee, cleaning tables and generally losing the will to live. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a bad job, but it just wasn’t for me. Before starting university I had taken a gap year to Australia – stepping off the plane and being taken to see the Sydney Opera House at 6 a.m is the moment I can pinpoint when my love affair with travel began. Half way through my degree I was getting itchy feet, by this point I’d heard from a number of people that you could teach English around the world - effectively getting paid to travel. It sounded a bit too good to be true so I did some of my own research, and sure it enough I found there was a whole new career waiting for me. After serving a row of grumpy customers, clearing up some baby vomit and missing my first break because we were so busy, I picked up my phone searched the number of a TEFL company I had been looking into and dialled. Within 15 minutes I’d paid a couple of hundred quid and signed up for a weekend course. I am now hapily teaching in South Korea." - Emma Lander, Australia


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