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PLATO was founded in 1972 and is the first private English language Institute in Cyprus offering English language courses for kids and teens.

PLATO Educational services have been educating children, teenagers and adults for more than 45 years, offering a variety of courses (Languages, Accounting, Economics, IT, Creative Writing , English Literature, Maths, IELTS and TEFL).

For the last 15 years, PLATO has given great emphasis to vocational and professional training (English/Greek/Russian/ for Business, Tourism, Food and Beverage, Oil and Gas etc.) as well as various European programmes (Eramus+, Mobility Programmes, Transfer of Innovation, Partnerships).

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I recommend studying with PLATO in Cyprus

I took the on site intensive 28 day TEFL course in Cyprus with PLATO in April. It was not a difficult course to study but there were lots of exercises and tasks to submit. The teachers were very helpful, and the accommodation was in the same building of the institute. In my spare time I also managed to learn some of the Greek language, enjoyed the local touristic tours and tried traditional Cypriot food.

Given that I am from Lebanon, the trip was short to reach and the two countries enjoy the same Mediterranean weather. TEFL is a creative and motivational way of teaching English language. Our training sessions introduced us to different levels of English and me and my fellow students were enthusiastic about doing the enjoyable home and class exercises. I recommend the TEFL course and studying with PLATO in Cyprus for everyone who likes the idea of teaching English as a foreign language.

By: Sana Matraji
Nationality: Lebanese
Age: 59

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