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We are an independent, international organisation and think tank which works in unknown or forgotten territories over the horizon generating space for investigation and positive change in environmental, community and social settings.

We currently work in Europe, the Americas and Australasia, encouraging quiet, humble and slow exploration of places and people, opening up space for people to recognise shared humanity, needs and aspirations, culminating in concrete programmes of local-led, grass-roots development fundamentally based on local horizons, not imported value systems or solutions.

In a global society built on centuries of environmental near-exhaustion, necessarily our knowledge and experience of how best to serve our environment is now greater than ever. In the context of established spaces and communities, this knowledge cannot be put to use whilst we constantly battle the damage that is done by the infrastructure we have already created. In other words, it is difficult to look ahead whilst we are constantly beset by the overwhelming need to fight fires from previous events and actions.

Isolated and remote spaces, by their very nature, offer an opportunity to rethink the way that environment is controlled and break free from some of the constraints of our past mistakes. In essence, the remoteness of such spaces is in itself an opportunity.

As such, we are working alongside remote communities in Mexico, Peru and the Dominican Republic to re-establish progressive local custodianship of space, cognisant of the fact that progressive, sustainable communities are managed by enabled, empowered peoples.

Duration / Dates

From two weeks to six months. Year-round opportunities.

Costs / Pay

All participants are asked to contribute US$550 per calendar month to cover programme costs. This also includes: accommodation in a shared space with other international volunteers and staff (you'll need a hammock); one meal per day, five days per week; transport to communities, between projects and, wherever relevant, guides and language support.

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