Volunteer opportunities working on rainforest and biodiversity conservation in Ecuador. Business Administration

We encourage volunteers and researchers to come to our Reserve system & conservation farms, as well as the community projects both in Northwest & Southeast Ecuador. There you can carry out several activities, that range from building and maintaining trails, steps, bridges, and general infrastructure, to working in the organic and botanical gardens, reforestation, teaching English the local communities, as well as several other general conservation and sustainable development activities. Of course there is the possibility to become involved in one or some of such activities, as well as in eventual research and/or specific conservation work. The Foundation places emphasis on inviting researchers and volunteers with basic scientific background to carry out their own research work, which can be utilized in the management and protection of the Reserve.

Placements are available in the following areas -

Business Administration

Ecotourism / Ecobusiness


Research and Development

Fine Arts

Maintenance / construction

We are currently working on several projects, which will connect forest patches and thus maintain biodiversity, our main project. Further studies on the flora and fauna, ecology, nutrient cycling (specially C), forest products and possible sustainable uses, restoration of degraded pastures, among others, are needed. People with an artistic bent, who can help with the environment interpretation of the forest, are also welcome. Any person, with particular interests, could also develop and carry out their own projects in the Reserve, if agreed upon by the Research Director.

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