Kibaale Rural Development Foundation (KIRUDEF)

We are a community based organization in Uganda.

Our aim enhancing sustainable development to the community through capacity building, advocacy, education, resource mobilisation, group formation, saving and credit, rural infrastructure improvement and enhancing of human rights, gender and democratic governance through community mobilization and sensitization.

The organisation was started way back in January 2005 in Bwamiramira and Mugarama (presently Kyebando) sub-counties in Kibaale District of Uganda. However, its target was to cover the entire district of Kibaale.The head office for the organisation is located in Kibaale Town, Kibaale Town Council. It is worth noting that the organisation has competent well trained and skilled staff in their areas of deployment.

Sustainable improvement of human and community development

To create an environment that is enjoyable both for the current and future generations.

To contribute towards improved household livelihood of the community through their increased participation in self-help and community development projects. Together we can make it.

The organisation is guided by the following objectives in its activities:

  • To increases household income through the promotion of Agriculture.
  • To improve household hygiene and sanitation.
  • To promote formal education through helping the needy and orphans.
  • To protect the the environment through mass sensitization and afforestation.
  • To create self-help groups for the disadvantaged people.
  • To promote a saving culture through saving and credit practices.
  • To create safe water availability through construction and rehabilitation of safe water sources.
  • To improve on market accessibility by the local community through road infrastructure improvement and adequate market research.

KIRUDEF is involved in a number of activities but not limited to environmental protection ,saving and credit scheme under her microfinance, agricultural support , education services , venturing in the health sector , affirmative action for marginalised and disadavantaged groups like women, children and the elderly through ptotection of human rights and promotion of democratic governance. The organisation is in the early stages of venturing in Eco-tourism.

So far KIRUDEF has esatablished St. Joseph Nusery and Primary School Kisaalizi with an enrollment of 210 pupils of whom 86 are orphans being supported by the organisation. KIRUDEF microfinance services has over 300 members who save and also access soft loans to meet their finance needs for development. For the disabled, KIRUDEF has organised the in 12 groups which are supported in their income generating activities by KIRUDEF.

The organisation provides agricultural inputs to model farmers and others in her area of operation. Forestry has also been embarked on especially growing tree species like Eucalyptus, Pine, 'Musizi' and 'Mivule'.Solar power generation has also been implemented in the local community as an alterantive source of energy which is also environmentally friendly.

Duration / Dates

3 months up to 2 years

Costs / Pay

The cost is free.

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