GeoVisions … We’re small enough to pay close attention to our students and our employers, and large enough to give you the support and resources you need to be assured of a rewarding international experience.

Founded in 2001, GeoVisions' Co-Founders bring over 68 years experience in international education and exchange. We’re young enough to know what’s needed in the twenty-first century, and old enough to have learned what’s not needed.

GeoVisions carefully screens partners around the globe to help prepare students for living in their host country. We know the importance of international education and exchange, and we understand the value these experiences bring to your life. GeoVisions will work with you to help you meet your personal goals.


Volunteer Abroad and Teach Abroad

Voluntourism helps individuals, communities and wildlife at-risk. 80 programs in 25 countries including projects for humanitarian causes, community development, teaching, wildlife conservation and land conservation.


Join The Conversation Corps

Live with a family and teach them English up to 15 hours each week. Room & Board is included! At 15 hours a week, you will have plenty of time to explore the country, experience the cuisine. You will also find out first-hand what it is like for a family to live day-to-day in your new host country.


Become A Conversation Partner

Volunteer to be a Conversation Partner and you will be speaking conversational English to the local police department, hotel staff, local business professionals, teachers. You do not need to be a teacher or to have teaching experience to be a Conversation Partner. You just need to meet with the group each day (up to 15 hours each week) and converse in English with them. It's fun and rewarding.


Work Abroad and Get Paid

Become a paid Intern in one of our overseas Work and Travel offices or teach in a school and get paid. If you love children, become an Au Pair in Spain, Italy or France. You can also join a Work and Travel program and live for up to one year abroad and work.

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