Mozambique Holidays

Taking a holiday in Mozambique can be a really special experience, expect endless tropical beaches and a beautiful coastline on the Indian Ocean - you will not be disappointed by this country. The civil war that ravaged this country is long over and Mozambique has now opened its doors to tourists and there are lots of overland adventures, eco and wildlife holidays where you can experience life as a local escaping the tourist crowds. Tofo Bay is a popular destination where you'll find white sandy beaches and a range of excursions and adventure holiday activities like surfing, horse riding, quad biking and kayaking. 


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Mozambique Holidays

Mozambique Travel Guide

  • Capital: Maputo
  • Currency: Metical (MZN)
  • Population: 19,400,00 (approx)
  • Language: Portuguese + local indigenous
  • International Dailing Code: +258


Mozambique Holiday Highlights

Until recently Mozambique was an no go destination due to civil war and conflict but thankfully this ended in 1992 and now it is a very peaceful country with a stable government. Poverty and unemployment are still issues and the country lacks investment and infrastructure but Mozambique is now one of the most up and coming destinations in Africa. You can swim in beautiful seas or take a trip down the stunning Indian Ocean coastline or join one of the various programs we have listed on our website. Portuguese is the offical language of Mozambique whilst many people speak local Bantu languages. We highly recommend either learning basic Portuguese or taking along a phrase book which will help you travel in this country and let you interact with very friendly local people.

Mozambique is still not as touristy as other countries in the region but this helps you get off the beaten track, there are various deserted white sandy beaches, the famous Zambezi River, colonial architecture, a bright vibrant culture and more! You might be suprised to learn that Mozambique is a great destination to visit spectacular sights like the World Heritage Site of Bazaruto Archipelago where there is clear waters and colourful coral reefs. Most flights arrive into Maputo the capital which is a good location to travel on to the rest of the country. We recommend sampling the local food and treats which include piri-piri chicken, seafood and fish cuisine, matapa (a type of peanut sauce), wusa (mash and rice mixed) and rooibos tea which is sold everywhere around the world. 



You will need a valid passport to enter Mozambique and a tourist visa is granted letting you stay up to 90 days subject to paying a fee.


Weather & Best Time to Visit

Mozambique is really hot during December to March, if you don't like humidity and a lot of sun Mozambique is probably not the best destination during this period.


Health & Safety

Mozambique is safe country to visit with a stable society and government. Be sure to visit your local healthcare centre before departing, you will need to check for any vaccinations needed. Like in most African countries we recommend you only drink bottles water and you might also take re-hydration tablets. Buy good travel insurance cover before departing and when in touch try to always be in a group when out, petty theft can be a problem in the cities. Mozambique has a large passing population of travellers but please don't expect facilities to be up to Western standards so be sure to pack hygene utilities.

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