How Working at a US Camp Can Improve Career Prospects

How Working at a US Camp Can Improve Career Prospects

Not only is working at a summer camp in America a really fun experience, it can also improve future job prospects especially if you are looking for a career in childcare or as a teacher. In this article a past camp counselor, Kirsty, shares her experiences on why camp + teaching is a great combination! 


My Camp

I worked at Camp Sesame/Rockwood, a camp near Washington DC which catered for disadvantaged children. 


How It Can Help a Career

Working at an American Summer Camp is a great way to get good experience working with children if you are thinking of, or are, studying to become a teacher. 


The Role

Having come from different backgrounds to myself, the kids were challenging sometimes, but I soon learnt to understand and help them. Camps provide a safe environment for kids to forget any troubles and just be a child. The best thing is the fun you have with the kids! From mud face paint to jumping in the lake fully clothed, at camp you learn to take advantage of your 'inner child'! 


Great Way to Gain Experience

I worked at camp whilst studying for my PGCE at Nottingham University and the time I spent at Summer Camp USA was really valuable to my teacher training. I was confident in my own ability, which really helped when stepping in front of a new class of fourteen year-olds! 


Learn More Than When Studying

Camp is great for getting to know young people as themselves; to have fun and enjoy their company, ideas and enthusiasm. I think in a classroom it is easy to forget that sometimes. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work at an American Summer Camp. 

Camp not only let me travel, meet great people and have a brilliant summer, but taught me skills that have helped me every day of my teaching career so far. I would recommend anyone involved in teaching to spend a summer at camp with BUNAC; the skills you'll learn will help you throughout your career, and provide you with a new outlook on children, learning and fun!


If this experience sounds appealing to you and you would like to gain experience for a future career check our USA jobs or jobs for students abroad. Or if you still need some encouragement to apply check out our top reasons to work at a summer camp.

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