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Thinking about taking a gap year to Brazil? Experience the magic of this vibrant South American destination for yourself and live, work or travel in places like Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo or the Amazon! Search gap year ideas and programs in Brazil today.


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Brazil Gap Year

Plan a Gap Year to Brazil 

Brazil is a huge country with lots to see and do and covers nearly half of South America and with a population of over 190 million people - no wonder they are so good at football! This country has great nightlife, friendly people who have a real passion for football and life. Expect beautiful beaches and an amazing coast to experience.

Just mentioning the name Brazil seems to perk imaginations more so than most other countries. It’s renowned for its natural beauty, exotic ecosystems and diverse culture. It’s also rapidly developing and gaining in popularity as it hosted the 2014 FIFA world cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics. But above all, the most important factor to remember when planning on backpacking or travelling around Brazil is: it’s HUGE.

There is a dazzling string of great cities along its coast - the pulse-pounding resort of Rio de Janeiro; sprawling, metropolitan Sao Paulo; and, further north, entrancing canals and bustling piers of Recife. The locals are football crazy, try to engage them in conversation and they will love chatting to you. Try to learn Portuguese phrases to help your experience. If you do not speak Portuguese and would like to see the highlights we highly recommend booking a tour which includes transport, accommodation and selected meals.

Distance should never stop one from seeing the best of a country, therefore, we suggest buying multiple tickets with one of the local airlines, or an air-pass if you have a set itinerary. Flights are frequent and can be relatively inexpensive if you choose right and book ahead. 

When on a gap year Brazil you will experience the best of Brazilian culture - eat the food, drink the drink & enjoy the music and atmosphere of this country. Be open to trying the local food, it is very tasty and healthy. Options include feijoada, rice and beans, tacacá, acarajé and coconut. Eating out can be one of the biggest expenses when in Brazil so try to seek out per kilo restaurants and cafes which are very popular and cheap, you literally pay for what you eat

Brazil has seen huge public protests recently and there is a real air of optimism to help build a better country, please keep up to date with news and ask locals and other travelers for tips. There are lots of different gap year programs available to join all year round and you can search options and book a dream experience today.



Best Places to Visit on a Gap Year in Brazil

  • Bustling cities like Rio De Janerio, Bahia and Sao Paulo
  • The Foz De Igazu falls is a long journey from anywhere but the waterfalls are some of the best in the world 
  • The Amazon and the Pantanal is highly advised if you like nature / wildlife
  • Bahia and Natal are also recommended
  • Underrated destinations include Curitiba, Fortaleza, Jericoacoara and Belo Horizonte



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