Top Reasons to Visit Koh Chang

Top Reasons to Visit Koh Chang

Thailand has become one of the most popular destinations for travellers and holidaymakers alike. The islands especially are argued as some of the most beautiful in the world; with a little help from the film ‘The Beach’ the White sands and crystal waters are world famous and attract millions every year. If you're thinking of being one of them and touring the islands with your backpack, don't forgot to include Koh Chang! One of the lesser known islands but definitely no reason to skip it, here's just eight of the reasons why:



1) So many Things to See and Do

It is the largest island in Thailand, meaning you could spend days there and not run out of places to see or things to do. There are many little areas spread out across the island with restaurants, bars, accommodation and shops so you never have to eat at the same place twice and you can relax at a different beach every day.



2) Easy to Get to

It's the closest island to Bangkok, making it the easiest, quickest and cheapest island to get to. Taking a minivan from the capital only takes four to five hours, you'd have to double that journey time to get anywhere near the southern islands. The ferry takes less than an hour and there are taxis waiting to take you right to your hotel door.  



Reasons to Visit Koh Chang when Traveling in Thailand

3) It has such a Relaxed Vibe!

They say Thailand is the land of smiles, Koh Chang should be called the island of relaxation. The people are so laid back and happy, both locals and visitors are friendly and the place has a safe and family friendly appeal.



4) Cost

It is one of cheapest Islands, if not THE cheapest. You can eat local dishes for less than a pound, and booze is so cheap, you definitely get more bang for your baht! If you're not fussy about where you sleep you could have a place to stay with a sea view and swimming pool for less than £10 a night!



5) Nightlife

Though it's not renown for its nightlife like its Southern island neighbours, Koh Chang still has a great party scene. There are beach parties with fire shows and flowing buckets. Little streets are packed with bars that serve til the early hours and those all important food stalls stay open for post party snacks.



6) Nature

Part of this island is actually a national park, so if you have had enough of the beach or are desperate to sweat out your Chang hangover then you have come to the right place! The island has many walkways through the jungle, so you can spot the wildlife and cool off in the waterfalls, there are seven on this island!



Top Reasons to Visit Koh Chang, Thailand

7) Scenery

Koh Chang has some of the most amazing viewpoints and sunsets. This combination makes for a great views and pictures. The easiest way to get to these viewpoints is by moped. You can rent one for as little as 180 baht a day (about £3.50) and it is the easiest way to explore the island.



Koh Chang Beach

8) Less Touristy

The island isn't bombarded by tourists. There's more than enough people to keep the towns bustling and the party's lively but you won't be fighting over a sunbathing spot on the sand or queuing in traffic. It's Thailand’s best kept secret, until now!




Top Tips for Visiting Koh Chang 

  • If  you rent a moped, drive safely and always wear a helmet!
  • If you buy a drink from a beachside café you can normally use the deck chairs all day for free!
  • Always wear insect repellent and sun cream, the sea breeze can be a false friend to burning skin and islands are Mosquitos favourite hiding place.



By Frances Kinder

Follow Frances on Twitter: @FKinder15



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