Best Summer Travel Ideas for Students

Best Summer Travel Ideas for Students

The legendary summer break is as popular as ever and what’s more, the opportunities on offer continue to become more diverse with each year that passes. If you are a student or soon to be graduate currently looking to make plans and want to get your summer sorted check out our top fun ideas for things to do including traveling, adventure, working or learning abroad. 

Uni life can be exhausting and it is important to get your summer prepared in advance so you don't waste 3 months being bored. Where you go and what you do can be decided by money, but there are also lots of free and cheap summer travel ideas for students in the UK and all around the world.

There are also lots of cheap holiday destinations for uni students and ways to travel during summer without breaking the bank. Check out our top 10 things to do for students during summer below.


1. Work Abroad

Summer Travel Ideas for Students - Work Abroad

Working holidays are always popular, with short term jobs abroad for students and graduates in destinations all around the world. Traditional favourites of becoming an au pair, fruit picking, teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) and humanitarian or conservation work. The latter can be paid but is more usually on a volunteer basis. Some charities also offer gap year students the opportunity to gain a qualification or training in a particular area, such as sports coaching

Recommended Ideas:


2. Summer Camp USA

Summer Travel Ideas for Students - Summer Camp USA

Working at a summer camp in the USA is our top recommendation! This is a job which is a lot of fun where you will get paid to live and work at a camp in America. Companies like Camp LeadersCamp AmericaBUNACAmericampCCUSA and InterExchange offer camp counselor jobs in the USA and Canada, get your application in early to stand the best chance of getting hired.


2. Campsite Seasonal Jobs

6 Holiday Hacks for Camping in Europe

Like the idea of seasonal jobs in Europe? Campsites and holiday camps employ a huge number of staff during summer months and are a fun and enjoyable way for young people or students to spend a season in the sun and warmer weather. The country with the highest demand for staff is in France but campsite jobs are also available in UK, Austria, Denmark, Norway and other countries throughout Europe. Campsite courier jobs include cleaning tents and caravans, greeting clients, introducing the facilities and local attractions and dealing with any problems such as illness.

Bigger campsites also require resort representatives, nannies and childcare helpers, entertainers and sports instructors. Free accommodation in tents or caravans is usually provided. When is seasonal work in campsites and holiday camps available? Contracts are often for full or half seasons between April and September. Posts are usually filled by Easter so it is best to apply early. However, last minute places are also available. Some places also offer holiday rep jobs.


3. InterRail

Like jeans, many summer adventures never go out of fashion, such as travelling through Europe by train, known as InterRailing. Eastern European countries such as Albania and Romania have become the new territories to explore instead of traditional ones such as Morocco and south of France. New flights have made many destinations much more accessible for those who only have a short time to explore. Likewise, other continents have opened up to gap year students, such as Australia. With no language barrier to overcome, work is relatively easy to come by Down Under and it remains a favourite among students.


4. Gain Experience

Applying for internships and joining a placement might not sound like the most exciting way to spend your summer but your future self might actually thank you. This can help you in the long term with job prospects and might help you get a dream job. There are short term summer internships abroad in destinations all around the world where you will get to boost your CV and go sightseeing in your spare time,

Recommended Ideas:


5. Volunteer in the Developing World

Student travel options - volunteer

Looking for a unique and rewarding experience? Do something meaningful through international volunteering programs abroad. There are lots of different projects available worldwide for both short and long periods. You could help work with communities or contribute to environmental programs. The hard part is deciding where to go and what to do.

Search Options by Destination:


6. Learn a New Language

Why not spend your summer break learning a new language? We highly recommend going to study Spanish in Spain which is an amazing place to live over the summer months. Alternative options include:


7. Take a TEFL Course

If you would like to work abroad during summer, or after you finish your studies then a good option is to take a TEFL certification course. This course will give you a world recognised certification where you can work as an English overseas. Courses can be taken in a classroom or online over a few days, weeks or months - perfect if you have free time over summer.

Recommended Companies to Take a TEFL Course With:

Think You Can Teach Abroad



8. Mini Gap Year Break

Top 10 Reasons to Work Abroad

Want to travel as see as many places as possible in the short period? There are lots of gap year programs which will appeal to you. View our guide to the best gap year companies who offer summer trips and experiences.


9. Travel

You could book a backpacker tour and explore the world. You can visit most destinations worldwide and there are short and long trips available perfect if you have some free time or would like to spend 2 months+ exploring.

Search tours by destination:


10. Help Wildlife

Summer Student Travel Ideas - Help WIldlife

Why not spend a meaningful break volunteering with animals abroad? There are so many inspiration opportunities in countries all around the world.

Options include:



There are so many amazing adventures available, you could learn to scuba dive abroad, book a yoga retreat, find martial arts classes - just to name a few!


The type of summer experience you get largely comes down to what you can afford and what you'd like to do. Summer breaks have become big business, however, with a number of agencies that can help with packaged trips. Your only limit is your imagination! Contact us if you need help arranging the summer of your life!


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