6 of the Best Outdoor Adventure Activities in Australia

6 of the Best Outdoor Adventure Activities in Australia

As the Australian Tourism define it, “There is nothing like Australia”.  The country is full of opportunities for all interests, it is a perfect holiday destination for thrill loving person. There are so many adventurous spots in Australia, to help you plan your trip we have gathered some best of them.


1. Drive at Eyre Highway (The Nullarbor)

Crossing the Nullarbor highway watching kangaroos and treeless wide desert is the most daunting adventure of Australia. This highway is built across vast mesmerising plains with scenarios of flatten wooded hills and remote railway outpost. The road is around 2000 km long and connects western and southern Australia. Spotting kangaroo and other animal passing by along the road is the greatest adventure of all. Though the road has remote areas and sealed, it requires proper planning and a 4WD vehicle.


2. Diving at Great Barrier Reef

Dive at the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the best diving spot of the world, this place is the biggest coral reef system of the earth spread in stretch of about 2300 km. Here you can experience the splendid biodiversity and rare species like sharks, turtles, whales and dolphin. View our Australia scuba diving guide.


3. Surfing in Noosa, Queensland

Surfing spot Noosa, Queensland

Sea surfing is the very adventurous sport every traveller must seek in Australia, there are many beaches in Australia where you can enjoy surfing, best of them is at Noosa point break in Queensland. This point is one of the best and most photogenic spot for surfing in Australia, in its best days a 200 metre ride can be easily surfed. Another best surfing spot is snapper rocks on the gold coast. This one is the most famous surfing destinations and most preferred for beginners.


4. Hiking at the Heysen trail

Hiking the Heysen trail

Heysen trail is the best hiking track giving the best adventurous experience to the travellers, the trail is total 1200 km long and connects Cape Jarvis and Parachilna Gorge passing from various valleys, Deep Creek Waterfalls, Various beaches, Mt lofty Ranges and Flinders Ranges. This hiking lets you enjoy the ultimate adventures of Australia. If hiking appeals to you check out our Australia tours.


5. Biking in the Blue Mountains

Biking in the Blue Mountains

Have a thrilling bike ride in the greatest Blue Mountains surrounded by dense rainforest. Explore Kilometres of fire trails descending valleys and feel the cool rainforest air on your face as you pass by magnificent waterfalls, breath taking scenarios and beautiful flower rich gullies. To have exhilarating outdoor adventure you can follow the five hour ride along mount bank road or sprint down a 55 kilometres valley from Wentworth falls to Glenbrook route.


6. Rafting in Murray River

Rafting in Murray River

The Murray gates also known as Hell gates gives a huge thrills to the river rafting experience as they descends rapidly through enormous boulders. This is a must visit spot in Australia for adventure loving travellers. Murray River rafting is the most thrilling, and toughest water adventure of the world.


If you are an adventurous traveller, there is no end for adventure in Australia. The country has so many adventurous spots of every grade to ensure something for every kind of thrilling person. Mentioned above are some of the best spots from all over the Australia to ensure your trip to be adventurously memorable. View our Australia gap year trips to book an experience today. You might also like to spend a little longer working in Australia or do something rewarding by applying to volunteer in Australia.


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