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We have some incredible tours and authentic holidays where you will get to do more than just sightseeing. You will get to experience the best of Japan on one of our group tours where you can visit places like Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hirosima and rural areas. Search our trips today.


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Japan Tours

Tours in Japan which are a great way to experience the highlights of the country in a safe and enjoyable experience with the help of a local guide. Japan can be a diffifcult country to visit due to the language barrier and the cost of getting around but joining a tour makes everything easier and more fun. We have a range of tours available from the worlds leading international and local travel operators who offer trips for solo travellers, couples and familes.


Popular Places to Visit

Japan Budget Tours

Most tours include the bets locations in the country including places like Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima and rural locations where you will get off the beaten track.



Japan Small Group Tours

There are so many highlights of this country including exploring Tokyo, visiting the exotic and relaxing Japanese islands, getting photos of the Nikko UNESCO Site which has spectacular temples, going to walk through the historic streets of medieval Kyoto or visiting the Tsukiji Market, Tokoyo's largest fish and seafood market which is also the biggest in the world. The Yoyogi Park in Tokyo is worth checking out too and a local onsen visit is an experience not to be missed. All tours are different with unique itineraries and you will need to see what your interests are before joining.


Japan Tours for Solo Travellers

Our tours are perfect if you are travelling solo and would like to meet other people and travel in a group. You will get to meet other international travellers and get taken to the best locations in the country with an experienced guide.


Japan Budget Tours

We have a selection of tours for all budgets, so whether you are looking to explore on the cheap or you have a bit more money to spend you will be able to find a trip to match your interests. Our website features lots of cheap tours of Japan allowing you to discover the highlights of the country and not break the bank.


Japan Tours for 18 - 35 Year Olds

Most of our tours specifically cater for the 18-35 age group and are a really popular option due to meeting other people, getting day-to-day activities, hotel check-ins, selected meals, accommodation and also transport/guides included in the price. Don't worry if you are slightly older, most tours accept all ages.



Usually travellers of the same sex will share a twin room, but there is also the option to pay a little extra and get a private room. Accommodation can vary depending on the tour and location.


Group Sizes

Typical group sizes are around 10-18 travellers with an average of 12 but this can vary between the tour and operator.



On most Japan tours you will travel overland in a private small tour van or by train. For day trips and excursions sometimes you will use public transport and sometimes use internal flights to allow you to see the highlights as quick as possible. On some overland tours you will get to wizz around the country on world class fast bullet trains which connect the country. 


How to Book

Do you want to see the very best of Japan? Search our featured trips above or contact us for specific advice. 



Please note Japan is a very expensive destination and tours here are quite expensive compared to other destinations in Asia. Price depends on the company, duration and itinerary. Usually you will need to have extra money for food.


Japan Tour Reviews

If you have ever joined a tour in Japan and would like to review an operator/trip or share your experience please contact us.

"I booked my first tour abroad to Japan with Topdeck Travel and there were so many highlights including the temples and shrines, Akihabara, Koyasan and Kyoto. We traveled by train to the places rather than bus and we had a friendly and knowledgeable tour guide. The tour was amazing and I would highly recommend." - Cameron, Australia

"I would 10/10 reccomend going on the Discover Tour in Japan with Geckos Adventures. Japan is a massive culture shock but their guide was fantastic." - Lucas, Australia


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