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Explore cities like Beijing and Shanghai, see world famous sights like the Great Wall and Terracotta Warriors or go off the beaten track for an authentic experience on a tour of China. Booking a tour is a great way to take the hassle away from the experience, you will be guided in a safe and structured way and see some of the highlights of the country. 


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Great Wall of China Tours

China is a very safe country to visit and it is becoming more and more accessible for international travelers. There are a wide selection of options when it comes to booking tours in China, from traveling with a small local operator to joining a tour with an internationally recognised travel company. The most popular ways to travel in China include group tours and small group adventure trips, on these you will have 1 or 2 guides and be in a group with no more than 16 people. There are tours for all interests, on some trips you will get to explore bustling cities whilst other trips will take you off the beaten track to more remote areas like the Tiger Leaping Gorge which is spectacular.

Tours in China are also a lot of fun, you will meet new people from all over the world and see places you might not be able to see traveling independently. It is also a lot less touristy than countries in South-East Asia for example meaning there are lots of ways to get off the beaten track and see stunning destinations away from the crowds. There are so many reasons why you should join a tour in China, this is a fascinating country where old meet new. You will get a real feel for the country and get to interact with local people and also eat tasty cuisine by visiting some of the best restaurants. There are also private tours, nature / wildlife tours where you can see more of the remote regions of the country. 


China Tours for Solo Travellers

Our tours are perfect if you are travelling solo and would like to meet other people and travel in a group. You will get to meet other international travellers and get taken to the best locations in the country with an experienced guide.


China Budget Tours

Adventure Tours in China

We have a selection of tours for all budgets, so whether you are looking to explore on the cheap or you have a bit more money to spend you will be able to find a trip to match your interests. Our website features lots of cheap tours of China allowing you to discover the highlights of the country and not break the bank.


China Tours for 18 - 35 Year Olds

Most of our tours specifically cater for the 18-35 age group and are a really popular option due to meeting other people, getting day-to-day activities, hotel check-ins, selected meals, accommodation and also transport/guides included in the price. Don't worry if you are slightly older, most tours accept all ages.


China Family Tours 

Looking to explore China with your family? Our website features specialist tours specifically for families. You will get a safe and structured authentic experience and also get lots of free time to enjoy the expeirence with your family.



Usually travellers of the same sex will share a twin room, but there is also the option to pay a little extra and get a private room. Accommodation can vary depending on the tour and location. On budget tours you will usually stay in hostels and cheaper accommodation than luxury trips where you will stay in more luxurious and expensive hotels. 


Group Sizes

Typical group sizes are around 10-18 travellers with an average of 12 but this can vary between the tour and operator.



On most you will travel by minibus which are comfortable, some tours include internal flights and train travel also depending on the places you are visiting. Some tours last a couple of days whilst others last weeks depending on how much of the country you are looking to see. 


Top Highlights - The Great Wall of China

Always dreamed of seeing or walking the Great Wall of China? Our adventure tours of the Wall, are absolutely majestic and picturesque. If you are in good shape and walk well hiking trips, at the great wall, let you take in everything there is to see. You get to walk and hike through small villages and see spectacular scenery. You will also see a fortress and the Great Wall Museum. The museum will fill you in on many things you did not know about the wall. Depending on how adventurous you are, there are tours that last anywhere from a few hours to over a month!


Booking Help

If you need any help arranging a tour in China please get in touch, you might also like to view all of our tours in Asia.


China Tour Reviews

If you have ever joined a tour in China and would like to add a review of the experience / company or share any recommendations please contact us.


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