Zimbabwe is located in a spectacular setting in Southern Africa situated between two rivers and with Victoria Falls located on the border. This destination is full of colour, culture and history with exotic wildlife, friendly locals and also a spectacular coastline - you can fly direct into Harare or cross the border from a neighboring country. Find unique life changing experiences where you can see the highlights of the country in a safe way. You will also get to see spectacular wildlife in their natural habitat. 


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  • Capital - Harare (population 1,600,000)
  • Currency - US Dollar (de facto)
  • Country Area - 390,750 km2
  • Population - 12,500,000 (2009 Census)
  • Language - English, Shona, Sindebele + local languages
  • International Dailing Code +263



Travelling & Backpacking in Zimbabwe

Our authentic holidays will provide you with the chance to travel like a local, meet new people and learn more about the places you visit. 



Best Places to Visit in Zimbabwe



Weather & Best Time to Visit

Zimbabwe has a tropical climate that is very dry and warm throughout the year apart from November to April when it can be humid and also rainy. Temperatures can be very high well in the 30's so be aware of this. Winter can be the best time to visit Zimbabwe if you are interested in seeing wildlife but sometimes this period can get very cold and frosty at night so you will need to pack accordingly.



Health & Safety

You will need to check about vaccinations before departing, we recommend you contact your local doctors in advance to get advice. Due to the recent political problems and poverty, medicines can be in short supply at hospitals so pack a first aid kit. Going to be checked or treated at a private hospital / medical centre is your best options as these places have a higher standard of facilities and treatments available. We recommend searching for a good medical insurance before departing, this should cover you for any problems or emergencies.

HIV and AIDS are both big issues in this country and malaria can be contracted in some areas of the country, it is up to you whether you take medication to prevent malaria but take precautions like using repellent, a net and cover your body at night. You might also want to get a jab for rabies. If you get seriously ill you might want to consider crossing into South Africa where hospitals and healthcare facilities are generally a higher standard. This country is a lot safer than you might think but its always best to read up before leaving, also be prepared for the sunny weather, it is advised to pack light with plenty of sun cream. 

These are some recommended hospitals and clinics in Zimbabwe:

  • Harare: The Avenues Clinic, Cnr Mazowe Street & Balines Avenue. Tel: 251180 99
  • Harare: Trauma Centre, Lanark Road, Belgravia. Tel: 7000666/815)
  • Bulawayo: Central Hospital. Tel: 72111
  • Galen House Emergency Medical Clinic. Tel: 540051)



Useful Words & Phrases for Visiting Zimbabwe

  • English - Shona
  • Hello - Mhoro or Mhoroi Sawubona 
  • Good Morning - Mangwanani Livukenjani
  • Good Afternoon - Masikati Litshonile
  • Good Evening - Manheru Litshone njani
  • Goodbye - Fambai zvakanaka Uhambe kuhle
  • Do you speak English? - Unodziva kutawura chirungu?
  • Yes - Ehe Yebo
  • No - Aiw Hayi
  • Please - Ndapota Uxolo
  • Thank You - Ndatenda or masvita






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