Rustic Pathways

Rustic Pathways is a pioneer in providing superior quality travel and service programs for students and families in some of the world’s most welcoming countries. 

Rustic Pathways demands professionalism and integrity across all of its operations, insists on quality in all aspects of its programs, and places the safety of its students above all other considerations.


Our Mission

We empower students through innovative and responsible travel experiences to positively impact lives and communities around the world.


Our Vision

  • Rustic Pathways is committed to creating a world where:
  • Travel is accepted as an essential part of every education
  • Travel is a model of sustainable development
  • All people are connected by a shared humanity and all decisions are made with a global perspective

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Rustic Pathways Reviews

Wananavu!! (Awesome!!)

Heading to Fiji with Rustic was the best thing I could do. My school gave us the opportunity and I bounced for it not really knowing how good it would be. The staff at rustic (in Australia and Fiji) are wonderful and so admirable for the work they do. I had so many opportunities to help people and really make an impact. The food was incredible, safety impeccable and experience absolutely top notch. I would reccomend this to anyone and everyone!!

By: Danielle
Nationality: Australian
Age: 16

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