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Project is a leading incoming youth tour operator to the UK with experience dating back to 1986. We specialise in UK based summer schools for overseas students.

We are looking for vibrant, energetic and competent staff for our summer school programme.

Most positions involve teaching of English as a foreign language in addition to the organisation of activities (sporting & non sporting), helping out with social events in the evenings, escorting excursions, and being rostered on to day and evening residential duties.

To teach, applicants need to be native speakers. Qualifications are preferable but not as important as a passion for working with kids.

We also have senior positions available (in charge of different areas of the programme i.e. activities, excursions, social programme, welfare etc.) in addition to other positions that do not carry the same weight of responsibility.

The job is great fun, you become part of a closely knit and friendly team and you make many new friends and contacts. You are also working in a healthy environment, with excellent facilities and you learn a lot about yourself! Of course the job is demanding but tremendously rewarding too. As a teacher you will gain a lot of fulfilment from a residential programme where you get to know the students in an informal, as well as formal, situation.

Duration / Dates

PI is running eleven centres during this summer. Start dates range from late June to mid July. Start dates can be found on our website but applicants should bear in mind a two day, on site training session will preceed the published dates:

a) Sherborne, Dorset (up to 5 weeks) b) Abbotsholme, Staffs (4 weeks)
c) Bruton, Somerset (6 weeks) d) Lockers Park School, Herts (2 weeks)
e) Dover College, Kent (6 weeks) f) Christ College Brecon, Powys (3 weeks)
g) Liverpool Hope (4 weeks) h) Royal Wolverhampton School (3 weeks)
i) Cranbrook School (4 weeks) j) Ashville College, Yorks (3 weeks)
k) PISA Academy, Epsom College (4 weeks)

Costs / Pay

The positions are residential and no charge is made for food or accommodation. This does mean, that potentially, you are 'on call' 24hrs a day but staff are given a day off each week, as well as (where possible), a session (morning, afternoon, or evening) off per day.

Salary varies depending on experience, qualifications etc but a rough guide is given below:

Teaching / Activity staff - £200 - £250 per week
Directing staff - £250 - £350 per week
Programme Directors - £400 - £550 per week

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