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Niños de Guatemala was founded in 2006 so as to play a part in building a better future for Guatemala and its citizens.

Niños de Guatemala (NDG) does this by setting up and supporting community-based projects; involvement by the local community is a crucial factor in this process.

Hopefully, this website will sketch a clear picture of what NDG does, and in particular how we do so – namely in a manner that is professional, open, driven and close to home! Our motto is "Everyone can do something!" for a reason, and together, we can do a lot.

Let us try to realize these goals; do not hesitate to contact us if you want to contribute! Together with NDG you can bring about a positive change … we look forward to hearing from you!


When it comes to volunteers, Niños de Guatemala subscribes to the philosophy that ‘everyone can do something’. NDG is in constant need of volunteers to help both in Nuestro Futuro and in the Volunteer Center. The contribution of volunteers allows NDG to undertake activities it would normally forego due to lack of personnel and funds.

In short, volunteers help make the mission of Niños de Guatemala a reality. An investment of your time, energy and concern will undoubtedly contribute to a better future for the people of Guatemala. In return for these efforts, our volunteers enjoy the following benefits:

- A once in a lifetime experience, working to improve the lives of Guatemalan children in need.
- NDG can tailor a unique project, based on a volunteer’s skills and availability.
- Volunteers are offered relevant training and reliable, consistent support.
- A letter of recommendation may be provided upon request.

Our volunteer work is open to anyone who is at least 18 years old, regardless of their (professional) background. Our volunteers should be flexible, proactive and willing to take on challenges. Volunteers must also make a commitment of atleast 5 weeks. The first week will be an introduction to Niños de Guatemala, after this you will work for at least 4 weeks.

NDG can assist volunteers in making arrangements for Spanish lessons, finding accommodation in Antigua, and organizing travel to/from the airport. For additional information, see the Visit Guatemala section of our website.

If you are already in Guatemala, or are going to be, and you would like to know more about volunteering with NDG, you can come on a tour with us to the Nuestro Futuro Primary School held every Wednesday at 2:15pm. The Volunteer Center is located on 4a Calle Oriente #41 (Casa Convento Concepción).
You are also invited to our weekly get-together in Cafe El Muro (3a Calle Oriente, #19D) every Tuesday night, starting 8pm.

Please check out the following pages to learn more. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Emmy Powell at

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