Learning Enterprises

Learning Enterprises provides young adults (18+) the opportunity to teach English abroad for an entire summer, without paying any program fee

Our volunteers are independent, globally minded citizens with a passion for helping others through access to the English language. 

We offer summer programs are in Brazil, Panama, Mauritius, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Crete, China, Thailand, and Mongolia. Volunteers live in a host community where they experience true cultural immersion and give back to their communities by completing service projects.

Our Mission Is Guided By Five Principles: 

  • Fostering creativity in children and adults 
  • Expanding horizons through access to the English language as means of communication 
  • Promoting understanding through cross-cultural exchange 
  • Spreading the spirit of volunteerism 
  • Providing substantive and rewarding work experience for young people

We are an education-focused nonprofit that, since our founding in 1992, has recruited hundreds of college-age volunteers to spend their summers teaching conversation-based English language in rural villages and developing areas around the world.

We are entirely staffed by volunteer alumni who return to LE to continue serving our mission of expanding horizons and spreading volunteerism around the world.

Costs / Pay

Learning Enterprises charges no program fee, unlike other teach English abroad organizations. Volunteers simply cover their travel expenses.

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