Camp America Packing Advice

Camp America Packing Advice

Are you going to work at a summer camp in the United States for the first time? Don't have a clue what to pack? There are lots of things you should take for camp in America, and also things to leave behind! View our recommendations for the best things to pack and get prepared before departing...


Best Things to Pack

Presents from your Country 

You are likely to be awarding children awards and it is nice / good for forming bonds to give presents for sports or activity events

Pictures from Home

The American staff and campers will be very keen to hear about and see pictures of your home town, friends, family and life

Laptop / Smart Phone

Great for keeping in touch, most camps have wifi.


This might sound silly but in the States most drinks are either full or sugar or fizzy (minus water of course). Back in the UK we are very sued to going shopping and getting things like Ribena or Robinsons juices but there types of drinks are very difficult to get in the States.

Books / Kindle

You will get lots of free time to relax and nothing beats a good book to read.

Flip Flops / Comfy Trainers

You are going to do a lot of walking so a good pair of flip flops and trainers is essential.

Summer Clothes

You will need lots of shorts and t-shirts this is what you will be wearing all summer. You might also want to take a hoody.


If you don't have a smart phone you should definitely take a camera.


Keep track of what you got up to, then in years to come you will be able to look back and remember this incredible experience.


You will get paid at camp but you should take exchange money before departing.

Backpack / Suitcase

Both will be fine depending on what you are planning to do. Most people take backpacks especially if you are planning to travel afterwards.

and finally...


Don't forget your passport, DS-19 form, medical insurance and any other relevant documents



Things to Leave at Home

Too Many Clothes

Don't over pack, there are so many cheap shops and outlets in the USA and you will have lots of time to buy new things.


It will be summer in the States and so there is no need to take heavy coats - it won't get that cold


Don't weigh your bag down with things you can buy on arrival.


Not yet applied? Search summer camp jobs in the USA today.


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