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Researching ideas for the best things to do on your gap year in the USA? Our website will help you book an experience. The United States is one of the most popular gap year destinations in the world and you can find a range of programs for all interests. There are lots of gap year jobs in the USA for summer and year round which are a great way to live in the States and get paid. Our USA gap year programs are perfect for students, graduates, and anyone looking to learn, work or travel. 


Best Things to Do on a Gap Year in the USA

Visit New York

Work at a summer camp in the USA


Gap Year Jobs in the USA

Spending your gap year working in the United States will be one of the best decisions you will ever make. There are lots of jobs for internationals where you can live in amazing locations like LA, Chicago and New York just to name a few. Some companies offer flexible summer gap year jobs which are very popular with students.


USA Gap Year Advice

With cheap flights to the States this is making traveling more affordable even if you are on a small budget, there are some great deals to be had on flights, packages deals and more. Need some more reasons, check out our list below:

  • See new places which might have only ever previously been seen on television or in the movies, visiting in real life is a lot more exciting
  • To do something new and exciting, traveling is a way of stepping into the unknown and waking up not knowing what you will see or do that day
  • There are lots of opportunities to spend time away doing something amazing like volunteering or being more than just a tourist and working for a prolonged period
  • Make new friends
  • Get paid - there are lots of gap year work and travel programs available



USA Gap Year Reviews & Testimonials

"If you are looking for a short term summer position then apply to work at a camp in the USA - I did and loved every minute of it" - Scott, UK

“I have gained many new skills and experiences, which will not only be good on a resume but have given me a far broader knowledge and understanding of the world.” - Hamish, New Zealand

“I decided to be an Au Pair as I felt that the job would be a very rewarding learning experience; the different culture and being away from home and family for a year, potentially two, is such a worthy way to spend time in your life.” - Emily, Cardiff, au pair in Minnesota with Cultural Care

"I did a working holiday in the States during uni, it was the best summer of my life" - Alex, Hungary

"In 2014 I signed up for AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) and flew off to California for ten months of nonprofit work with a team of ten other people who were strangers in the beginning, but soon became family. My team worked, lived, cooked meals, traveled and explored together. We traveled through California, Oregon and Alaska and lived in tents, apartments, cooperatives, and barns. We worked for state parks, conservation agencies, learning to help farm on communes and built tundra gardens in the Arctic. This program instilled immense growth and sense of community for my team mates. If you are aged 18–24, sign up to experience it yourself." - Cecelia Barrow, USA


“I have gained many new skills and experiences, which will not only be good on a resume but have given me a far broader knowledge and understanding of the world.” - Hamish, New Zealand

"Having your itinerary sorted, but also the option to participate in rare opportunities, is a huge benefit of joining a tour with a company. I’ll be honest, it would have taken a lot of reading and research for me to have done everything that I managed to do on my three week trip with Trek America." - Helen Winter

"The experience that you have on one of these treks is exactly what you make it, it’s hard not to have a great time when you’re with great people and have very little to worry about so if you are considering travelling anywhere, check out some touring company websites. If you want to see the USA, I’d highly recommend you check out Trek America. I paid £1700 for a three week trek, but you can pay up to £6500 if you fancy an eighty-day adventure across the States. Remember to take into account the fact that you’re up-front cost does not include flights (unless stated so) but Trek America does offer the opportunity to book flights via their website which can be substantially cheaper than doing it directly. Looking back on my trip, it is the best £1700 I have ever spent on travel. If you were to do a three-week trek across America off your own back you could expect to double this cost, and with the added stresses of travel taken away, it’s well worth it. Also, although very cheesy, it’s hard to put a price on the friend’s you’ll make." -  Ken Brooksbank

"I joined the LA to San Francisco Highlights Tour with Geckos Adventures which was amazing. My group (8 travellers including me) was fantastic and our guide always made sure we were comfortable." - Phoebe, Australia