TEFL Courses in India

Are you looking to take a TEFL course in India? This country is an amazing destination to take a TEFL course, and can be quick full on if you have never been there before. People, culture, food and the atmosphere all blend in and this can be quite an experience.


TEFL & TESOL Certification Classes in India

Get TEFL Certified in India

TEFL TESOL Courses India

India is a really popular destination to take a TEFL course and on our website you can view courses and read more information about opportunities. If you would like to study abroad and want to get TEFL qualified consider India as an option. There are lots of international accredited TEFL and TESOL courses you can take in India, these are really recommended and will improve your teaching techniques. 


Why take a TEFL Course in India

India is a fantastic destination to live and study in, this is a country very different to the Western world and can offer a magical experience if you are open to a new experience. In your spare time you could travel to see more of this exotic country and mix with local people.


Types of TEFL Courses in India

There are a wide range of TEFL and TESOL courses available in India. Courses differ but a popular option is a 120 hours intensive classroom course where you will be guided by an experience tuitor. You will learn fantasic teaching skills and techniques on a TEFL course in India, you will be able to improve with time in a structured style learning to improve your language and technical skills. TEFL courses in India are designed to help you to become a successful English teacher in the future.



Best Place to Take a TEFL course in India

There are lots of places where you can take a TEFL or TESOL course in India, these include Delhi, Kolkata, Kerala and Ahmedabad


Prospects After Completing a Course

Once you have completed a TEFL course in India your language school should be able to help you with job seeking advice and placements. You could choose to stay in India or even head somewhere else in Asia or abroad.


What's Included

Sometimes if you apply in advance accommodation is include in the price of a course. This really depends on the company you apply with. Some companies offer combined courses and then paid / un-paid work experience packages and internship programs. 



This will vary depending on the type of course you choose. As a rough estimate you might be required to pay around $900 for a TEFL course and internship placement.


India TEFL Course Reviews

Have you ever taken a TEFL TESOL course in India? Would you like to share your experiences? Contact us today.


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