Work in Bali

Most internationals are drawn to exotic locations like Bali and Lombok due to the incredible beaches, relaxed vibe and great living. This is a where a lot of expats have set up businesses and hire seasonal workers for summer and year round.


Work in Bali

How to Work in Bali

Are you keen on the idea of going to work in Asia? It can be difficult to find short term jobs in Bali for a month but there are options. Some companies work for accommodation Bali including some budget hotels and hostels.



Popular Jobs for Expats, Foreigners & English Speakers in Bali



International travel companies hire staff to lead tours or work in admin/logistics in Bali


Hotels & Hospitality

Hotels and resorts hire international staff and can help with the application process.


Sports Instructor

There are lots of yoga retreats and scuba dive schools - all of which need English speaking staff


Work Freelance

Get a job online and have the flexibility to work anywhere in the world