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World Endeavors provides unique and fulfilling volunteer, intern, and study abroad programs in several countries around the world.

World Endeavors offers four meaningful ways for participants to go abroad: interning, studying, volunteering, and customized group programs. Each offers a different type of immersive experience in the host country and suits the needs of a different kind of traveler.

Our interactions with our participants are very personal. We will ask about goals and needs. We will listen and suggest. We offer the most customizable options for the best value. We offer dynamic programs that challenge our participants.

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International volunteering program - Thailand 2017

I’ve been to Thailand this summer for my international volunteering program, that lasted 3 weeks (Teaching program: July 25th - August 15th 2017).
I was required to teach English to primary school children. Sometimes, depending on needs, I had to give swimming classes.
It has been a great experience that I will remember forever, and I for sure recommend it to Anyone who wants to bring into play himself.
Beatrice Ramelli,
International volunteer in Thailand

By: Beatrice
Nationality: Italian
Age: 23

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