Wokutakula Wildlife

Wokutakula is a rescue center for wild and farm animals that have been abused, abandoned, bred for can hunting or due to human neglect.

We are a wildlife education center that rescue wild and farm animals from abuse the can hunting trade, who was abandoned or neglected by people. Wokutakula means "We Rescue" in Zule. We do not ask donations when animals are booked in with us and never show animals away.

We solely rely on the public and volunteers support to enable us to admid animals free of charge providing them with the best habited possible inclduing  special diet requirements and behaviourly studies.

We have very competent staff on the farm and we always try to make volunteers part of this rewarding experience as much as possible. We offer a great South African experience with traditional food and people around you. Our animals need you and the love you have to share with them.

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Wokutakula Wildlife Reviews

Experience at Wokutakula

I cannot remotely describe my wonderful experience with all the staff and animals at Wokutakula. Never have I seen such passion and love between human and animals. It was for sure not my last visit. I can tell you one thing, if you want to have a life-changing experience working with wildlife and farm animals in rehabilitation this is your destination.The staff were so open and involve every one of us working closely with the animals.

By: Abrie du Toit
Nationality: RSA
Age: 31

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