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Tellus Group has been successfully providing quality educational services since 2003, and through Plymouth English Centre for 20 years.

Every year, over 1000 students benefit from the services we provide. We pride ourselves in our ability to combine fun with education while maintaining sound health and safety procedures.

Cultural Immersion
We believe that language training based on cultural immersion is the best way of not only achieving language proficiency but also a great asset in the difficult task of developing young people's integrity in the modern, multicultural society.
Years of Experience
Operating our English language centre in Plymouth has clearly demonstrated how important and how much more effective language training can be when conducted in the country where it is spoken. Combining intensive courses with host family accommodation, work experience and cultural activities (excursions, workshops, cultural events, etc.) has resulted in creating a highly successful educational scheme.
Trusted Partners
At Tellus we also know how to choose our partners. Six years of successful work with European Union Lifelong Learning Programmes has resulted in the development of tested and proven methods of assessment and the establishment of networks of international partners we are proud to work with.

About Tellus Languages Abroad:

Years of providing educational services for overseas students wishing to come to the UK to study the language and learn about the British culture, has made us fully aware of the importance of such schemes in young people's lives. Thus, we have decided to work towards offering a similar opportunity to UK students and adults.
Language Training Abroad for the UK students and adults
Tellus Languages Abroad was created as the first step in our long- term strategy to offer the youth and adults from the UK the language training, cultural immersion and European vocational training possibilities that we have been delivering to their continental counterparts for the last 6 years.
Carefully Chosen Destinations
As part of the initial service package we are proud to offer a selection of seven carefully chosen language training destinations: San Sebastian, Almunecar/Grenada and Barcelona in Spain, Brittany and Perpignan in France, Florence in Italy and Berlin in Germany.
Unique Cultural Characteristics
We believe that every single destination above has unique cultural characteristics offering a wide range of opportunities for cultural immersion, sight seeing, sports and leisure activities or simply having fun. Moreover, since this all forms part of your language training experience, you will be learning a foreign language in stunning surroundings and meeting people from all over the world while enjoying yourself.
Nevertheless, there will be no escaping studying. All our programs offer 10-25 language lessons per week - necessary to provide you with the tools and skills for language training based on cultural immersion to be fully effective.
Local Partners
All the lessons will be provided by our carefully chosen local partners: Ciel Brittany in Brest, Alfmed in Perpignan, Lacunza International House in San Sebastian, Camino in Barcelona, CICA in Almunecar and Grenada, Centro Machiavelli in Florence and Astur in Berlin. They all have years of experience in language training and providing cultural immersion based services, and are recognized by the Language Training Authorities in their countries (fulfilling a similar role to the British Council in the UK), and are members of internationally acclaimed language training associations, thus guaranteeing the highest level of service possible.

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