Street Child of Sierra Leone

You will gain an in-depth, granular feeling for street-child and Sierra Leonian life in general - and the commitment of our team and the impact of our work.

Our volunteer scheme is really our visit scheme

All the same principles apply - but more so:

Moreover you will have the thrill of actually participating and contributing.

You will learn that street child work is simultaneously awful and wonderful! Street Children lead tragic, desperate lives but in turn they are some of the most sparky, resourceful, courageous, inspirational human beings you will ever meet. You need to be tough and savvy to survive on the street - and with the right guidance and support these qualities can take the boys and girls along way in life!

And you will lose your heart to the beauty, friendliness and eccentricities of Sierra Leone.

And perhaps above all, we hope you will return super-motivated, informed and equipped to help us spread the message and build more and more support for our work when you get back home!

We offer 3 volunteer programmes:

Placements with Street Child Makeni - 2-week min, 10-week max duration.

Teaching placements in Makeni - minimum duration of one school term.

Specialist skills placement (e.g. medical, finance, commercial etc) - flexible duration

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