Rubiah Tirta Divers

We are the 1rst Dive Operator on Pulau Weh... Explore Underwater Site on the Island.. 

A very friendly, accepting and laid back atmosphere welcomes everyone to Rubiah Tirta Divers (RTD). With a well balanced mix of Indonesian and International staff,helpers, hangers-on,old friends and new customers. 

We are the 1rst dive operator on Pulau Weh and owned by the local people who has a good of diving experience including concerned to the underwater habitat environmental as well as environmental activities such as research,awareness and conservation,etc. 

All dive sites on the Pulau Weh has been found by us and topography of the dive sites is a cliff,slope and wall. There have many macro stuff's,big fish and a variety of beautiful coral reefs with colourful. it very good for the dive activity and underwater environmental.

We have a diving course, daily dive / fun dive and dive trip for everyone. all diving activity is owned by us will be ready to manage it for you with good, unique, professional as well as safely, comfortable and confidence from our service.

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