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Hello and welcome to London Language Experience - a new and exciting way to learn English and experience London's cultural landscape.

We believe that to learn to communicate successfully, students that come to study in London benefit from a learning experience which infuses the society and language that surrounds them. With London on our doorstep, we use its cultural heritage as a tool to enhance the way our students learn English. We aim to make our listening tours, courses and teaching material contemporary and relevant to the modern student. Our high production standards re-evaluate the ways in which listening materials can be presented and we combine new technologies with a language focus on natural, colloquial language - the kind of language that students will come into contact with every single day in the real world.

Our aims are:

To provide a quality learning experience.
To offer a pioneering, new approach to English language teaching in London.
To bring the culture of London into the learning environment.
To inspire teachers and engage learners.
To create teaching material that is effective, easy to use and innovative.

Our Language Experiences are new and exciting, combining all the elements of a language lesson with an engaging, cinematic, interactive audio walking tour.

Developed and written explicitly for the language learner, the listening material effectively addresses their learning needs whilst offering an exciting and stimulating journey through some of London’s greatest locations.

The participants in each lesson will hear tales of famous legends, quirky fun facts, amusing stories and little known trivia about the areas they visit, all put into the context of an English language lesson - listen to the trailer from the South Bank Experience:

The ideal class trip

Our lessons have been produced to compliment any General English course in and around London. It is evident that class trips during school hours are common practice, but from discussions we have had with many Directors of Studies, these trips are not always as educational as the institution wishes and their validity is often put into question by the learners themselves. We aim to bring education and culture together to counteract this issue, giving our learners a break from the classroom, but a break that continues the cycle of language learning.

There are 3 essential parts to our language experiences:

1. The audio listening tour

The dynamic production of our cinematic listening tours is full of engaging sound effects, music and professional narration.

The listening tour lasts approximately
30 minutes and is divided into two parts.

Each tour is graded to a different level:

2. The lesson

During the language experience there is a stop after the first part of the listening tour. Here the learners will have an opportunity to look more closely at the listening material.

Each class will contain a lexical and/or grammatical focus with time spent on freer communicative speaking tasks.

3. The interview stage

The lesson will also include an interviewing task where students take to the streets and talk to local residents.

After the second part of the listening tour, the students are supplied with a clipboard and a list of questions, giving them the rare opportunity to look at natural English taken from an authentic exchange.

We are currently producing a series of high end production listening skills lessons based around ‘A ghost's guide to London.' There are three parts to the series and they will be put up on to the site one by one.

The free lesson features a high quality and cinematic listening piece, with a focus on colloquial London language and communicative activities. The students are taken on a magical sonic adventure as they journey through the streets of London, encountering a number of wonderful characters along the way, whilst listening to great stories, music and fantastic sound effects.

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